[PC][0.80.01] Lag in game especially in the water

I had been playing on PC. After the last update, 0.80.01, the game is no longer playable. If I stay away from the water, the lag isn’t terrible. As soon as I’m on the beach, or, heaven forbid, get IN the water, I have to exit out because of the lag.
Is there any way for me to roll back to 0.80.00? That version worked fine.
I have uninstalled the game, cleaned all instances of it from the registry, rebooted, reinstalled…and the same issue persists.
Thank you for any help!

Hi TimP, welcome to the forums!

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue within Stranded Deep. As you posted in the Console Bug Reports section I’ve moved your post to the PC section and will let the PC team know.

Unfortunately I’m not sure if you can revert to 0.80.00 or not. I know on Steam it is possible in “preferences” to move between stable and experimental and some older stable branches but I do not see 0.80.00 listed specifically on my system.

Hi TimP,

Can you provide us with detailed specs please, including RAM/GPU/CPU and OS?

It might also be worth reinstalling your GPU drivers, what driver version are you on?

Is anything else running at the time or have you installed anything recently that might be affecting performance?

How is your RAM and GPU usage at the time of the performance issue?
You can use the Performance tab on your Task Manager to get an overview of usage at a glance. (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC)

I face same issue…in game lag and when I start walking around something weird happen like my screen line shake not smooth…I don’t know how to explain…like stuck not smooth…my spec pc Ryzen 5 3500x RTX 2060 Ram 16 gb…Epic game

Hi JstRaay,

What settings are you running the game on? (resolution etc)
Are you running the game in DX11 mode or OpenGL mode?

Without seeing your exact issue there are a couple of suggestions I can offer here:
If you open the Task Manager when the game experiencing these issues (press Ctrl + Shift + Esc) and select the performance tab what are you seeing in the graphs there (grab a screenshot of that if possible) ?

If nothing is getting maxed out there (including any hard drives) I would suggest completely removing your GPU drivers and reinstalling them.