[Console] Update 2134 Release Notes (+ hotfix 2136)

Hi everyone,

There is an update rolling out today (18/12/2023) for the PlayStation and Xbox version of Stranded Deep, The version number in the bottom left of the main menu will show up as 2134 once your game has updated.

A changelog of the fixes and changes included in this update is listed below.

As always, the team thanks you for your ongoing support of Stranded Deep and for reporting details of any issues you experience in game to us. Thank you also to anyone who has sent us save files. Whether it’s details about an issue or game files, the information shared can help us to find the cause of and resolve issues. Please continue to report anything you experience via the Console Bug Report section of the forums.

Stay Alive!
Beam Team


  • Fixed multiplayer desync causing ‘Water Still’ servings to be out-of-sync for host and client.
  • Fixed multiplayer desync causing the Player 2’s held object to not load back correctly if it was assigned in quick-access storage.
  • Fixed multiplayer desync causing bird flocks to not replicate on Player 2 correctly.
  • Fixed multiplayer desync causing the weather to be out-of-sync when Player 2 joins a host’s game where weather was already assigned for the day and the following day is also a weather day and the 1st day of the month.
  • Fixed weather not reloading state correctly between sessions resulting in long periods without rain.
  • Fixed player colliding with raft attachments while holding a ‘Bed’.
  • Fixed player position elevating when dropping a ‘Clay Water Bottle’ and engine parts.
  • Fixed player able to interact with objects while using the ‘Spyglass’.
  • Fixed ‘Water Still’ refunding a full ‘Coconut Flask’ if the water still was empty.
  • Fixed ‘Boat Motor’ not using fuel when traveling in reverse direction.
  • Fixed ‘Gyrocopter’ SFX continuing to play after it stopped operating.
  • Fixed end-game cockpit interaction prompts showing for Player 2.
  • Fixed host’s status effect speech playing when a Player 2 joins game in-progress.
  • Fixed raft base crafting ghosts not snapping to water level in open ocean.
  • Fixed raft bases and floors not highlighting when selected.
  • Fixed starting crates spawning in the ocean on new multiplayer games.
  • Fixed starting crate display name.
  • Fixed animal and spawner display names in map editor.
  • Fixed incorrect bed notification when trying to sleep during the day.
  • Fixed ‘Fish Trap’ appearing deployed when loaded by custom islands.
  • Fixed projectiles attached to an object being destroyed when the object was split by physics forces.
  • Fixed projectiles attaching to player ragdolls.
  • Fixed player being able to destroy farming plots while plants are growing.
  • Fixed player being able to place farming plots over other plots.
  • Fixed watch ‘UV’ display not updating for rainy weather.
  • Fixed player stats not decreasing while loading a zone.
  • Fixed ‘Fire Torch’ not extinguishing when stored.
  • Fixed ‘Fire Torch’ not restoring VFX after being hidden.
  • Fixed scenario where it could be difficult to retrieve a trapped bird from a ‘Bird Snare’.
  • Fixed SFX playing in host’s game during multiplayer join-in-progress loading screen.
  • Fixed large save files causing menus to hang in some scenarios.
  • Fixed ‘Broken Bones’ cause of death not showing on game-over screen.
  • Fixed player ragdoll moving erratically when knocked out underwater.
  • Fixed player being able to use the inventory while operating vehicles.
  • Fixed end-game stations and VFX state after completing end game and reloading.
  • Fixed large sea creatures not dying from a melee hit while attacking the player at the same time.
  • Fixed player able to destroy container shelves with crates attached.
  • Fixed players being unable to interact with storage after being knocked out while storage was opened.
  • Fixed male voice SFX playing for female character when vomiting.
  • Fixed drowning SFX not stopping when killed.


  • Changed ‘Paddle’ to function as a crude weapon dealing 1 damage to objects.
  • Changed farming plots to retain water after clearing.
  • Changed to allow interacting with ‘Sails’ and ‘Anchors’ while operating a ‘Boat Motor’ or ‘Rudder’.

Copy of comment from Clare below:

Hi all,

For everyone experiencing translation issues, a hotfix was released yesterday to address this. Please update your game to version 2136 and relaunch the game.

If you experience any issues, please submit a report by posting in the Console Bug Reports section.

Thank you to those who reported this and responded to our questions quickly. This helped us to resolve this issue and release this hotfix quickly.


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I can’t get into my online mulitplayer save file today

Thank you for the anchor and sail change.


Are the custom islands going to be changeable after saving again on console with any future updates?


Mi scuso se scrivo in italiano , noi dopo l aggiornamento abbiamo seri problemi , tutte le cose sono nominate eazioni , alcuni oggetti non si possono usare e tutti i file di salvataggio sono danneggiati .

Cosa potrei fare ?


Translation added by Clare using Google Translate

I apologize if I write in Italian, after the update we have serious problems, all things are named and actions, some objects cannot be used and all the save files are damaged.

What could I do ?

Thank you

@Stellanoire - I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue with translations. The team are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible for those affected.

If you’re experiencing an issue within the game, please report as much info as possible in a new post in the Console Bug Reports section here: [Console] Bug Reports - Stranded Deep

@Cassiguy - If you’re still experiencing a problem accessing your save after restarting your console. Please submit a bug report via the link above with details of your experience and I’ll pass them onto the team for investigation.

@Gibson2895 - As far as I am aware there are not plans to re-adjust how the custom islands work due to the problems that can come from saves being overloaded by resource cycling.
I know you’re already shared your feedback alongside other users in the following thread which the team will consider, but if anyone else requires info about custom island changes, it can be found here: [Console] Update 2126 - Custom Island Changes

tenho o mesmo problema

I was able to get into my save file the next day.
Thank you so much.
We are enjoying this game lots.

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Hi all,

For everyone experiencing translation issues, a hotfix was released yesterday to address this. Please update your game to version 2136 and relaunch the game.

If you experience any issues, please submit a report by posting in the Console Bug Reports section.

Thank you to those who reported this and responded to our questions quickly. This helped us to resolve this issue and release this hotfix quickly.

Hello, I’ve seen this posted a few times in the past but I’m still curious so I thought I might ask. I play on an xbox series x in single player only and I was wondering if there was any intention of increasing the maximum size limit of rafts? Currently, it’s 4x5 (or 5x4?) and to me it really limits the possibilities of moving around lots of stuff between isles. Quite often I see mentions of this limit being in place because of lag in multiplayer, but why apply it in single player? Personally, I’ve never noticed any lag in single player. If the issue is existing on older console versions or the xbox series s, would it be somehow possible to increase the raft size limit on the last gen consoles, especially the more performant xbox series x?

I’m asking because I remember that this was the cause of why I stopped playing the game months ago when I was following a youtube guide on some awesome boat designs and realized I was very limited on what I could actually do on console. Really, never had lagging issues in single player on the xbox series x.

Could you guys please give this some thought or perhaps re-evaluate the need for this limit to be applied on both single player and multiplayer or even make it less strict on single player?

As a side note, are there any plans on adding fps boost to the game for xbox?

Thank you and sorry for the lengthy post :pray:

Absolutely love this game, best island survival game out there. I am just curious if you guys had any plans moving forward in 2024? Whether it’s still working on bugs? Or advancements in the game, more animals, graphics, bosses, items, objectives, etc?

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Hi @JeunePadawan, sorry for the delay in responding to your message.

The sizes of the rafts were limited in a previous update (2104) to prevent some issues that could occur in the game (see quote from the 2104 release notes below). I do not know of any plans to readjust this, however I can pass your feedback onto the team regarding this.

While the team works on stability and issues that can affect fps in patches, I do not know of any dedicated fps boost plans for console.

I hope this information helps, even if it’s possibly not the answers you were hoping for.

Hi @Alpha, sorry for the delay in responding to your question.

The team have not released details of plans for 2024, however I do know they are continuing to investigate reports from players regarding bugs and issues they may experience in the game.

The team did confirm last year that Stranded Deep is considered feature complete and they had no further plans for features to be added to the game and that the focus would be on bug reports and Quality of Life updates. Should that change however, I imagine they will make an announcement in the announcements section about plans they have.

@Clare Just mentioning that you’ll pass on the feedback for the raft size limit is good enough for me. Thanks for taking the time to answer this!

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