[Console] Update 2126 - Custom Island Changes

Hi everyone,

As part of the update to 2126, which is releasing today 23/10/16, we’re adjusting how custom islands are used in the game.

Previously, players could add a map, load the game, strip the map of resources, remove the map, re-add and repeat. We’ve seen a number of reports from players who do this and have difficulty reloading their game and experience other issues, such as crashes or stability issues, from too many objects in the game. Consoles have limited hardware resources available so can’t support an infinite number of items.

To prevent these issues, we’ve changed the cartographer so that players can add and remove a map until the game is saved. Once the game has been saved and an island map is ‘in play’ it can no longer be removed or replaced. Players can add new islands into other island map squares during gameplay but once a square is changed, and a save is made, it can no longer be edited.

We’ve added a dialog in the world editor when the player tries to replace or remove an island map in play as well as a warning when replacing the island initially that after saving that square will no longer be editable.

Players will still be able to load in and check an island to make sure they’re happy with it and leave the game to edit it further so long as they don’t save the game.

These changes will improve stability and ensure the best gameplay experience possible for everyone.

This change isn’t retroactive and won’t fix issues players are already having, but it should help prevent a multitude going forward.

For the full changelog for version 2126, please see [Console] Update 2126 - Release Notes and Info

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Beam Team

So players only have a maximum of 21 island edits per save slot and after an island has been stripped of any required resources it essentially becomes useless?

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I can understand where the dev team is coming from on this one. this game was never meant to have unlimited resources, it was meant to have limited resources to be used wisely. no more replacing islands willy nilly to farm for clay or stone. some things like rope plants, potatoes, ect can still be grown, but now we are stuck with what we have with 21 opportunities to get more. less strain for the system. kinda sucks, because no more building huge skyscrapers like mine lol.


So console in other words gets a nerf after all this time.


not so much a nerf as restoring it to what it was supposed to be in the beginning. they were absolutely correct that consoles can only handle so much with the on board hardware. this would fix a lot of issues with the consoles. cant have your cake and eat it too it seems.

You don’t think the island creation in console is severely lacking? Next gen consoles can handle much more, unfortunately the console version Of this game is optimized poorly. For both old and new gen. Console players deserve better, this is a nerf.


This drastically restricts players who have already finished the game and are just enjoying building things.


Exactly, on a version that is severely lacking already. I’m honestly disappointed that this is the answer for console performance issues.


I’ve been playing this game for years and what I enjoy about it is building nicer, bigger structures all the time, like homes and docks, landing pads, etc. I really could care less about “finishing” the game, I’ve already done that a long time ago. This is truly disappointing.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: GrandDaddyGamer is of course a legend and his wise words speak volumes! :pray: yes not all consoles are the same, yet because there is no Next Gen update we are relegated to what the Xbox One can handle? That sucks!


We totally loved this game because you were free to play however you want - you could choose to play the game story arc and escape, as long as you need too - or to stay and thrive while building, farming & hunting. But now, after harvesting resources, the look of islands stripped bare is depressing, and to replace the islands deletes any big sharks in the waters! You can’t build much anymore, and now I guess the message is beat the game and move on . . . Good thing I have already amassed all I need for my next build!


Well said, this change strips the the only reason to play long term, base building. It’s rather unfortunate


I don’t believe that this was the best fix for the issue. I wonder if BT would be willing to sell?

honestly, i am kind of surprised that they have not restricted the resources before now. the thing that kind of annoys me is not being able to raise or lower the sail/anchor while using the rudder/engine. this is gonna cause people to lose rafts if not using an engine. correction, just fell off my raft. good thing you can swim fast enough to catch it until your stamina runs out.


Agree…being able to use the sails/anchor while using rudder/engine was an awesome part of rafting, now really sucks.

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So far in my experiemce on xbox series x console they fixed it so i can build everything. Only resources not unlimited is clay rock and wood. Never tried the custom island thing maybe a later game. Not bad though…

It’s not really a nerf, but more of a return to its original design intent. They were entirely right in acknowledging the hardware limitations of consoles. This adjustment aims to address various problems on consoles. cant have your kake and eat it too it seems.

Yeah, but the change is only for console, if the change is being made to fit the theme of the game, pc should suffer too.

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I think the custom islands not being able to be replaced has kind of ruined the game for a lot of people. I know I don’t play any where near as much now. Base building was one of the best parts of the game now its quite restricting as to what you can actually build as materials are limited


I have couple seemingly naive questions

  1. First of all, is PC and Xbox cross play possible? For example host the game on Xbox game pass for PC. And invite a friend who is on an Xbox.
  2. If the above is possible, then is it true that the host (on PC) can make as many edits to custom islands as desired, and the friend (on console) gets to enjoy the what is now a PC exclusive feature?