2134 Incorrect Translations

since the update (2134)

  • all objects have the same name
  • text layout problems in settings & ingame
  • wrong caption/translation in settings & ingame
  • unable to rename objects (label maker)
  • delayed level up notification’s

Hi @Greysunset - I moved your post to it’s own thread in the bug reports section so I could address it directly.

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing these problems with the menus and UI in the game. Can you confirm for me what console you’re playing on?

You mentoned translations, can you confirm for me what language you’re playing in? As it may be an error in the translation processing.

If possible, screenshots of the text layout errors you mention would also be helpful as reference for the team incase they cannot replicate the issue internally by switching languges themselves.

Please also let me know if completely shutting down both the game and your console and rebooting helps to resolve the display issue at all.

As the language options are based on the languge your console is set to, it may also be worth trying to change to another language and back to your prefered language, and ensure the console itself is up to date, just in case.

I’ve alerted the team to this issue and would appreciate any additional information you can share so they can follow up on this asap.

Thank you.

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At first, thanks for answering that quick.

  • Series X (latest OS)
  • German

I can confirm that the issue is related to German language (not tested with other languages beside English). English works fine!

The problem is permanent whether its a savegame or new game. Rebooting console, restarting the game or switching language did nothing.

If you still need screenshots, shall I post them right here + translation/ explanation?

Best regards

Thanks for reporting. I will look into this asap.

Hi to everybody,

I agree to everything you wrote, Greysunset and
there is also an issue for savegames (safegame is damaged appears when loading a game).

Sometime appears in green letters „free trial version“.

If you take a look to your meat in the smoker there is no different like „cooked“ or „smoked“. It just shows „Verpflegung“.

I play it on the german version of the ps5.

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Hi Greysunset and Geigenbaer,

Thank you both for sharing that information. I do not believe will will require screenshots, Sam (who replied above) is working on this issue and we hope to have it resolved as soon as possible for you.

Should the requirement for screenshots change, we’ll let you know, but the information you’ve both provided should be more than enough for the team to work on this.

Thank you again for the the info you shared and for responding so quickly.


I’ve confirmed the issue for foreign languages in v2134. We’re preparing a hotfix asap. Thanks again for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience caused. I’ll be reviewing this with the team.

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v2136 is now live which should resolve this issue.

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Old & new savegames working fine. Thanks.

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Thank You very much for updating so fast :blush:
Have a nice christmas everybody!

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