[Console] Update 2116 Release Notes and Info

Hi everyone,

A new update for the PS4 and XB1 version of Stranded Deep is rolling out today 2023/05/30. The version number will update to 2116 in the bottom left of the main menu once your game has been updated. Please see the changelog list below for details about what is contained in this update.

The team are continuing their work on issues reported by the community. Thank you to everyone who has reported issues and shared details of their experience with us - the information shared by the community helps us to resolve issues as quickly as possible. If you wish to report an issue, please do so in the Console Bug Reports section of the forums.

– Stay Alive!
Beam Team


  • Fixed crates on an island unable to be picked up after traveling to the island while operating a vehicle.
  • Changed item piles to not be included in ‘Gotta Craft ‘Em All’ trophy requirements.
  • Fixed ‘Call Me Ahab’ achievement not unlocking for players that had unlocked all boss trophies prior to v2111.
  • Fixed background color of crafted items in the crafting menu changing back to uncrafted color.
  • Fixed players unable to deconstruct rafts.
  • Fixed difficulty placing new pieces on rafts.
  • Fixed Container Shelves not refunding crafting materials when destroyed.
  • Fixed smoked meats stacking in 4 instead of 8.
  • Fixed spoiled meat inventory icon not updating when stored in storage.
  • Added color change to food that has spoiled for better visual feedback.
  • Added unique inventory icons for cooked, smoked and spoiled meat for easier identification when scrolling through meats in a stack.
  • Fixed inventory and storage menus not displaying item name in some scenarios
  • Fixed no SFX when operating a Sail or Rudder.
  • Fixed client pause menu displaying single player days survived for multiplayer games.
  • Fixed boss health UI not updating correctly after final hit.
  • Fixed Ajuga not highlighting correctly.
  • Fixed game getting stuck if controller disconnects and reconnects while placing an item.
  • Fixed Yucca only produces 1 fruit per game.
  • Fixed possible desync when P1 constructs and P2 damages a construction at the same time.
  • Fixed players able to construct stairs while colliding with other objects.
  • Fixed multiple issues when the player is revived while accessing their watch.
  • Fixed client able to join the game while host is busy in ‘Go Home’ dialog.
  • Fixed host and client able to craft items with the same materials.

Known Issues Info:
In addition to issues being worked on by the team, we’ve identified the cause of problems occurring when a player saves on their raft out on the water, which can result in loading errors. We recommend saving your game on land and also joining in-progress games while the host is on land to avoid any issues. We’re working on a patch for this issue as our top priority.

A “Known Issues” report has also been created here for reference: [Known Issue] Saving and Loading on a raft in open water


I would like the watch to be more updated with temperature, weather, and the whole works

Thanks for the update.

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Has there been any word as to a fix for sharks not spawning on custom islands or is this by design?


Still having Ahab issues, I’ve made a separate thread for it though.

I’m also eagerly awaiting an update on sharks not spawning on custom islands

Played several hours on multiplayer by myself and everything working great. Husband joined and raft with container shelf & 3 full boxes has disappeared. Cannot find it anywhere!! So many bugs on multiplayer!!! How can I recover my raft?!? I tried rebooting several times and restarted xbox twice.

New update I see and nothing mentioned about the crate issue. Sad…. Been about 2 years now since (team working to fix this bug) apparently

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The main issues I’ve been having is when I play with my friend and join his game, I get disconnected every few minutes and then sometimes it will unsync to the point where I will load back in and all of the crates that we just spent an hour or two stocking with materials are now empty on my screen, but they’re perfectly fine on his.

I don’t see any specific mention of issues like that, so is there anything being done to address the desyncing issues and the constant disconnect issues for player two in a multiplayer game? The game is super fun but it is incredibly disheartening to spend all that time gearing up to embark on a journey just to get disconnected halfway to the island and then my buddy has to turn around to save and reload me back in which, by the way, isn’t exactly a quick process.

I love the fact that you guys are updating the game though, definitely gives me hope.

Still the problem that I can’t put some crates in some shelves, or they disappear right out of it with everything in them

Hi all,

Thank you for your feedback regarding the new update. As a reminder: I cannot follow up on issues in large threads. If you are experiencing issues in game, please submit a report in Console Bug Reports and I will get back to you asap. I’ve you’ve already done so, and an issue you are experiencing persists across versions, please update your pre-existing report rather than creating a new one as this helps me to keep track of issues experienced by players easier.

Thank you.

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Re: Call Me Ahab still stuck for players
Following the update to 2116 and reports that the achievement is still stuck, the team have found if a trophy was created on a custom island in an earlier version, there is a chance that this is still blocking the achievement due to differences in achievement checks across versions.

The team are looking to release an additional fix for this blocker asap.

If you are 100% certain you did not craft your trophies on a custom island, please submit a report in the Console Bug Reports section and let me know. As we would want to investigate any other potential blockers asap.

What about the binoculars? Every time I try to use them my screen stays like I’m looking through them when I release the trigger. I just throw them in the trash pile.

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My wife and I are mainly having issues with client disconnects pretty regularly now. It’s at what seems like random moments

As far as I know, the bug with binoculars was fixed a long time ago and in any case, I did not have the problem of freezing the viewing screen in binoculars mode. Have you updated the game to the latest version?

Hey guys, I appreciate the hard work you put into the game. However, I have one major issue with consoles that I would like to you change. Could you change the steering setup while operating a motorboat? The design I imagine works fine on PC, but it makes operation almost impossible on a console having to do everything with one analog stick. Even a patch that makes the left stick accelerate/reverse and the right stick turn would help tremendously.

Thanks for the updates!!

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Jeeeesus man i just want to play a co op game with out a fkin disconnect or bug for more than 5 minutes! Its been YEARS guys wth?!?! This last console update (PS) seems to have made connections worse. Empty crates that were full now empty with items scattered about. Maybe a different profession? Not so sure games is the right path for y’all.

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