[Known Issue] Saving and Loading on a raft in open water

Issue Summary:
They team has the cause of problems occurring when a player saves on their raft out on the water, which can result in loading errors.

Players may also experience errors in multiplayer if Player 2 attempts to join a game while Player 1 is on the raft in open water. Especially if they’re close to the midway point between two islands.

The team are working on a patch for this issue as their top priority.

The team recommends saving your game on land and also joining in-progress games while the host is on land to avoid any issues.

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Who would want to save on a raft in the middle of the ocean?

[Xbox series x ×2](same household coop, direct tethering to cox modem, usa west coast, normal settings)
I like to save on the raft in the middle of the ocean, especially before and after boss battles. Just in case. However lately when i step foot on the raft with the sleeping bag it capsizes. Even when anchored. Its sad because i used to store my bag on my raft when exploring new islands to keep it safe.