[PS5][2116] co-op issues

Dear Devs,
Thanks for your effort to make the game better.
Last week one of my friends and me start an online coop game together on ps5 consoles. On the starter island everything was ok. Later we experienced the following problems:

  • my friend loosing his connection of the game time to time and his character disappearing from my host game. A little bit later the server put a stranger into my game instead of my friend without any invitation.
  • sometimes when I build something (fe. water collector) my friend can’t see and interact with that.
  • the game don’t load anything onto an island for one of us as we approaching, then as we walk on it everything suddenly appearing. Usually it led my friend, as a guest, to disconnect.
  • Sometimes to managing items in crates don’t work: we can see the items in a crate but can’t interact with them and we can’t put anything into it at the same time.
  • yesterday was a new one: I saw my friend’s character to stand in one place but he told me he was walking around. I sew as he put a meat onto the fireplace from 15 ms where I saw he was stranding.
    I wonder when could the Devs fix these problems which make completely unplayable the online co-op mode of this great game. I don’t understand how it possible for a stranger gamer to appearing in my host game without my invitation.
    Please, try to focus these base problems as soon as you can. Thanks
    Note: we love the game and don’t want to disappointing from it.

Hi @Popfej, welcome to the forums,

I moved your post to it’s own bug report so I can address it directly as I cannot follow up with bug reports in larger threads like the release notes you posted in and reports can also often be missed in busy threads.

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues in your co-op game with your friend. From your descriptions it sounds like you’re experiencing a desync between Player 2 and the host.

Regarding a stranger appearing in your game, if you have your game set to public, rather than private in the settings, then they may see your game on a list of available games they can join.

The team is investigating these issues around connections and desyncs, however I would also be grateful if you could please let me know…

  • What Router and Internet Service Provider are you both using?
  • Are you in the same household on the same connection or separate households?
  • What is the NAT type (found in network connection settings of your console) for the host and Player 2?
  • What region are you playing in or are you using “Auto”?
  • If your friend hosts a game instead, do the connection issues continue?
  • You mentioned on the starter island everything was okay. Can you recall what progress you made gameplay wise before these issues started occurring? For example…
    • Cycled custom islands in the map to gather resources.
    • Traveled to game generated islands, stripped them of resources and brought them back to your base island.
    • Built / crafted a lot of items on your base island.
    • Started storing items mostly loose on your island rather than using the piles feature or lots of crates.
  • When traveling to an island that doesn’t load in, are you traveling together? Please describe the raft you’re using to travel.
  • If you travel separately, does the issue still occur?
  • If you play solo without your friend joining, does the issue with island loading still occur?

Please also elaborate on what you are experiencing with issues with managing crates? I believe not being able to interact with them at the same time is by design to prevent errors. Users who have reported issues similar to yours also reported Player 2 not being able to see items in crates. If this is occurring in your save, having the Host remove items from the crates and replace them should allow Player 2 to see them. However, an interaction issue with crates was recently fixed, if the issue you are referring to is where you cannot pick up crates, but it occurring since the update, please let me know.
Any additional information you can provide about your experience, gameplay and game setup would be greatly appreciated by the team members investigating issues.

Thank you.

Don’t worry it’s been 2 years since we submitted our crate issue. I’m sure they will get around to this in 2-5 years