[Console] Update 2107 Release Notes and Info

Hi everyone,

The latest update is rolling out today (2023/03/06) for PlayStation and Xbox. It may take some time for it to appear across all regions, but you’ll see the number 2107 in the bottom left of the main menu once your game is updated.

Below is a list of the quality-of-life fixes and changes contained within this update. Unless otherwise stated, the fixes and changes below will apply to pre-existing saves. You should not need to start a new save to see these fixes and changes.

As well as this, the next release candidate is already with QA for testing, and this contains some important fixes for scenarios where achievements may not unlock and adds improved player feedback if a game fails to save for any reason. The team is also prioritizing issues with accessing crates and we will keep you posted on our progress in the next ‘Update From The Team’.

Thank you to the community for continuing to report issues. The team is hard at work on the next update to address the remaining issues, so please continue to report issues you experience in the Console Bug Reports section. The information you’ve shared is always greatly appreciated by the team as they work to resolve these issues as quickly as possible!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed crafting combos in the “Story” section of the crafting menu remaining locked for players after defeating the bosses.
  • Fixed player being unable to craft the Boss trophies after defeating them.
  • Fixed players not being able to place ‘Hooks’ or ‘Shelves’ when attempting to craft them.
  • Fixed bonus crates only showing 5 out of 8 available slots.
  • Fixed not able to place small structures on/inside constructions.
  • Fixed Crab, Hog and Snake animals not respawning on custom islands. Use the new ‘Crab Spawner’, ‘Hog Spawner’ and ‘Snake Spawner’ items in the map editor to place animals that will respawn.
  • Fixed female character sometimes playing male audio.
  • Fixed scenarios where the player could load back with broken bones when saving in/on constructions.
  • Fixed scenario where player could save on raft after drifting beyond the world barrier, causing errors when reloading the saved game. Please note, this will not fix games that have already been saved out-of-bounds.
  • Fixed ‘Sunscreen’ duplicating on game reload.
  • Fixed ‘Spears’’ and ‘Arrows’ remaining stuck in trees after hitting fruit.
  • Fixed player dropping current item when switching items. Consolidated with the PC version.
  • Fixed scenario where player could lose interaction after crafting a placeable item.
  • Fixed a multiplayer disconnect occurring when a player selects an item in their Tool Belt UI which gets consumed or used by another player.
  • Fixed placeholder text appearing when joining multiplayer sessions.
  • Fixed loading screen message for host and client when joining a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed players unable to access crates if another player moves the crate away.
  • Fixed able to place ‘Container Shelf’ and ‘Light Hook’ at the same position.
  • Fixed scenario where interaction could be broken after dragging a projectile stuck in a ‘Coconut’.
  • Fixed jumping from a ‘Palm Tree’ causing apparent loss of item in hand.
  • Fixed scenario where camera zoom can get stuck when switching between ‘Bows’, ‘Spears’ and ‘Speargun’ very quickly.
  • Fixed ‘Drinkable Coconut’ not taking damage from projectiles.
  • Fixed being able to drag projectiles when stuck in terrain.
  • Fixed projectiles attached to sea creatures causing rafts to be bumped aggressively.
  • Fixed ‘Furnace’ ghost visuals when placing.
  • Fixed players being able to build on environments in boss areas.
  • Fixed players being able to enter emoji characters in input dialogs.
  • Fixed scenario where player input could get stuck in label maker dialog when connecting and disconnecting a controller twice.
  • Fixed label maker assigning an incorrect name when the player uses a special character in the item name.
  • Fixed player being able to change camera view mode in prologue sequence.

Changes and Adjustments:

  • Changed ‘Antidote’ crafting recipe to match the PC version.
  • Changed ‘Boat Motor’ to function as a rudder when out of fuel.
  • Changed ‘Flare Gun’ projectile behavior to match PC version.
  • Changed ‘Lantern’ brightness to match the PC version.
  • Changed inventory to auto-equip a lesser match if possible, e.g.: If throwing ‘Refined Spears’ the inventory will auto-equip a ‘Crude’ or ‘Fishing’ spear when out of ‘Refined Spears’.
  • Changed world barrier from yellow buoy balls to holographic barrier to match PC version.
  • Increased ‘Meat’ inventory capacity from 4 to 8.
  • Increased ‘Fish’ inventory capacity from 4 to 8.
  • Increased ‘Fruit’ inventory capacity from 4 to 8.
  • Improved all crafting placement.

Thank you very much.

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Does the fix for placing small constructions on/in constructions mean we can now build things like looms and smokers etc inside building?

Or even a farm plot on a foundation?

Hi Lothaer,

You are correct. It is my understanding this applies to some craft stations as well as piles.

Crafted Items that can now be placed on foundations/floors should include: Shelter, Camp Fire, Fire Pit, Fire Spit, Hobo Stove, Meat Smoker, Loom, Plank Station, Furnace, Tanning Rack and Brick Station.

The water still and fuel boiler still cannot be placed on foundations / floors and I do not recall seeing mention of the farm plots for placing on foundations / floors either.

Thank you Clare I understand why water/fuel stills probably shouldn’t be placed indoors but I was hoping that farm plots could be place onto foundations to have then stay level when built


Hi, it’s a good news,
I’ll try to unlock the trophies linked to the boss, I’ll let you know! (call me ahab)

Well done. Does the develop team will improve the quality of life for the game in future?I hope this is not the last one.

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A big thank you to the team for releasing this update.

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Hello Claire. In support of the speaker’s wishes above, I would like to be able to place any game objects inside buildings, including household plots and water collectors.

I finally got my platinum trophy :star_struck:
I love you! :rofl: Now I feel sad and empty because I finished game

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Hi all,

Thank you all for your feedback - I shall pass everything onto the team.

@swpauhk - The team are continuing to work on issues reported by players and the next update is currently with QA for testing.

@Sepy137 - That’s great to hear - Congrats and thank you for letting us know!

And finaly my call me ahab dont came, my Monster trophies stay on gray…
Any news about this bug correction ?
This is my situation :
I have 1 trophy craft (on Brown/ok)
2 not craft

I craft the 2 others, the trophy dont pop

Reload save

Craft 1 save, back to menu, i Can see the New craft on Brown

Craft the 2, not trophy
Save and back to me and come back, i Can see again the trophy is Brown but i have craft the 3 and no trophy

Any tips or solution ? Thx

Hi Vilink,

The Call Me Ahab trophy is one the achievements team are continuing to investigate and are looking into for the next update as mentioned in the update above. I will pass the info you shared above onto the team as I know they have been looking into progress in the crafting menu resetting also.

In the meantime can you confirm if you’re on a game generated island or one you made yourself and I will inform the team abot this also.

Im on my first game (game generated island)
may be off topic but I’m a QA analyst so if you ever need to do tests or give information to the developers to help them, don’t hesitate to contact me (even in private)

I played after latest update and found out "Increased ‘Meat’ inventory capacity from 4 to 8."didn’t happen in PS4 version.(The meat(smoked meat) still can stack 4 only in inventory).Or meat refer raw meat only?

Making the lanterns brighter was a pleasant surprise, was able to knock down and move some around. Very satisfied with this update, thank you!


Thank you so much Beam Team! :pray:

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Bummer!, not seeing “Fixed Deconstruction of Rafts” in the update… :slightly_frowning_face:
Tried anyway and it still fails with same error about something else being built upon it…
That in the next release canidate already in QA testing by any chance? =)

Thank you for all the other fixes! Keep up the hard work!

I also hope we can destroy rafts bases in next update. Otherwise, there are many abandoned raft bases or rafts floating on the sea as sea rubbish in game. (-_-)