[Console] Update 2078 Patch Notes


Thanks so much to everyone who has been a part of Stranded Deep’s online co-op launch. We’ve really enjoyed watching the new content from creators and the community feedback on the forums has been invaluable.

Starting from today (2021/11/22), patch 2078 is rolling out on PS4 and XB1. The big focus for this patch has been fixing connectivity issues and issues reported by the community. Several important issues have been fixed which will significantly reduce the number of desyncs and disconnects and improve overall stability. We have a few known issues, mostly related to the ‘join-in-progress’ feature. If you experience desyncs, we recommend quitting and re-joining in the lobby for now while we work to fix the remaining issues.

– Beam Team

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed game saving when console suspended, causing multiple issues.
  • Fixed game crash caused by player destroying a ‘Raft Base’ while standing on it.
  • Fixed disconnects caused by client joining games with mismatching game version.
  • Fixed disconnects caused by client joining an in-progress game and receiving expired session messages.
  • Fixed disconnects caused by stored items being visible for clients to pick up after joining an in-progress game. Picking up these items could cause a disconnect.
  • Fixed game time desync while sleeping.
  • Fixed new day event not being raised caused by floating precision error in sleeping sequence.
  • Fixed desyncs caused by client owning skinned meat and leather.
  • Fixed desyncs caused by players being able to pick up objects while being skinned.
  • Fixed desyncs caused by host and client able to operate ‘Gyrocopter’ simultaneously.
  • Fixed client unable to see the hosted session after getting disconnected from active gameplay while host saves the game at a Shelter.
  • Fixed ‘Clay’ and ‘Leather’ flasks desyncing and causing client disconnects.
  • Fixed food and water draining quicker in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed SPF meter dropping faster after 2071 update.
  • Fixed SPF value remaining at “High” until nightfall.
  • Fixed host unable to access ‘Starting Crate’ or ‘Wooden Crate’ when client disconnects from the network while accessing the crate.
  • Fixed client’s dropped items being duplicated into the backpack on re-joining the same session again after exiting.
  • Fixed durability of tools not displaying correctly after client reconnects.
  • Fixed host and client able to use single set of resources to craft the same item.
  • Fixed ‘Light Hook’ not refunding materials when destroyed.
  • Fixed player able to level up ‘Cooking’ statistic while knocked out near a ‘Camp Fire’ when the other player is cooking meat.
  • Fixed ‘Fire Pit’ showing as available resource while being used for a different crafting recipe.
  • Fixed ‘Life Raft’ continuing to move when player gets knocked out while operating it.
  • Fixed players unable to sleep on rafts.
  • Fixed player character position when using the raft ‘Motor’.
  • Fixed camera flipping when looking down on a raft that is not on water.
  • Fixed scenario where player could stand up and get stuck in a shipwreck.
  • Fixed exaggerated raft physics.
  • Fixed host raft ‘Anchor’ showing as deployed for client.
  • Fixed host or client getting stuck in an inaccessible area when host stands close to the escape island’s shipwreck wall.
  • Fixed different type of tools inflicting same amount of damage while dismantling ‘Container Wall’
  • Fixed player unable to interact with environmental objects when dragging the crude spear after impaling a coconut with it.
  • Fixed ‘Watch’ light too bright making text difficult to read.
  • Fixed ‘Not enough room in Inventory!’ notification and audio sfx when highlighting an item when backpack storage is full.
  • Fixed label maker notification; changed to clarify inability to use in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed incomplete cause-of-death message when killed by small crab.
  • Fixed ‘-NL’ text showing after 'Public’ and ‘Auto’ in the ‘Host Game’ sub-menu
  • Fixed ‘Boars’ not being included in Wildlife settings.
  • Fixed ‘Crabs’ not being included in Wildlife settings.
  • Fixed ‘Sea Urchin’ not being included in Wildlife settings.

Known Issues

  • The order of items stored in storage can be replicated out-of-sync when the client joins an in-progress game. For e.g.: it’s possible for the client to see a Rock in their inventory and drop it, but a different item will be seen and dropped for the host. If you experience this issue, we recommend quitting and re-joining in the lobby for now.

Thank you soo much Beamteam

Wow that’s an amazing laundry list of fixes!! WTG team on all the hard work, crossing fingers and toes (I know coding can be a nasty snowball fight🙃)

One question, is this a fix patch that we continue or a restart patch that will require a new game? Re: pre 2074 where multiplayer will not load anymore? No complaints, just need to be prepped for my next game night!

I got the new update and continued on with my multiplayer game just fine. Everything seems to be working smother than ever.

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I can’t even play the game it crashes every time within 5 minutes of loading in with my friend and I on Xbox it worked better before we could at least play for 20 minutes before it crashed

Is the console version up to date with the PC version now?
The bigger world? Being able to put your stuff in piles? Being able to craft wooden crates?
Can we place workstations inside our buildings yet without having to try and glitch them inside?

Update seems to have fixed everything from what i can tell but my first save i still cant use my toolbelt at all

Thanks for the much needed update. Me and my mate have been playing for a few weeks and are hooked. We have a couple extra bugs to add to the list tho. After a reconnect, the host is unable to see normally highlighted objects which is a problem at night time. Closing the game totally corrects this problem. We have experienced major lag when we reach home base recently after going on a couple island gathering runs. I fixed this by turning all fibrous leaves into lashings (we had a massive pile of about 100) and turned 10 groupers on the beach into meat. Appears to be stable. But the worst bug is when loading into a game of coop, we get this jump at the start breaking our legs. We need a splint to heal and the last time it actually killed my mate. We have restarted 3 or 4 times now due to this bug and its pretty frustrating. We have not finished the game and are into base building atm and taking our time. Thank you for making this beautiful game and continuing to update. We are hooked. Ps4 btw.

Hi all, if you are experiencing issues, please create a new topic and report them in the Console Bug Report section and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I can not follow up on individual issues in the comments section of this post and I don’t want reports to get lost.

Stell cleaning up !!! The game not working

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Hello, any news on bugs on trophies? We are still waiting from january to fix monster hunting and crafting.

Hi Eloumeloun,

I don’t have any details on when fixes for these issues will be released but I’ve been updating my reports as information comes in from other players so the team has as much information as possible while they continue to work on these issues. If any information if passed to me from the team it’ll be posted here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Crafting Menu Reset / Story Items Locked

Any new information on updates or patch notes will be posted in the News and Announcements section by the team as soon as they’re ready.

While I have no issue with players asking about issues - and I understand some issues have been around for a while - please be mindful of where you’re posting to avoid reviving older threads, especially when an update has been posted since it was last active, like this one. The latest update post is here. This helps to keep the forum tidy and prevents confusion for new users - Thank you :slight_smile: