[Console] Patch 5 - Release Info and Details

Hi Everyone!

[Patch 5] has been approved and will start rolling out across regions from Midnight tonight PST / 8:00 am UTC (Wednesday) for PS4 and XB1! If you don’t see it right away don’t worry - it just may take some time to show up in your region. If you have automatic updates turned off, don’t forget to check for updates for the game. This version will be listed as [2009] in the bottom left of the main menu once your game is updated. XB1 users, please note that although the number displayed is lower than the last version, [2009] is the most recent version for both consoles.

In case you missed it before, below is a list of additions, changes and fixes that you can look forward to in this update along with some general performance improvements. A new save is not required for any of these to take effect.


  • Added a new Splash Screen to the start of the game.
  • Added the option for Third Person view.
  • Added Yucca cutting and farming.
  • Added Giant Crabs and Hogs.
  • Added Container Shelves, Canopies and Light Hooks for Rafts.
  • Added Hog, Crab, Giant Crab and Snake Spawners - This allows creatures to respawn on regular and custom on islands.
  • Combined Cloth and Tarp into one item.
  • Added improvements to material refunding visuals.
  • Added notifications for new Skills.
  • Added improvements to distant renders, water light refraction, light and shadows, particle and sound effects.
  • Added Volumetric Clouds.
  • Added HDR TV Support - HDR on the console must be configured to see this effect and HDR brightness can be controlled in the options menu.

Bug Fixes and Adjustments:

  • Fixed an issue with Deleted Islands reappearing on reload.
  • Fixed Shore Elements shifting position on reload.
  • Fixed a stutter between islands causing loss of Raft and Gyro.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Inventory from auto-stacking correctly.
  • Fixed Underwater light refractions causing visual disruptions during gameplay.
  • Fixed Logs dropping vertically under character that caused the character to be displaced character upwards.
  • Fixed an issue that caused difficulty interacting with Rafts.
  • Fixed Raft sail being in incorrect position on game load
  • Fixed Life Raft Paddle remaining in mid air upon moving the Life Raft.
  • Fixed an issue with Lionfish causing poison effect after safe capture.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Player being unable to place crafted building sections.
  • Fixed Interact button prompt not being present or disappearing when performing actions.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Interaction Prompt not being displayed upon approaching a sunken boat’s ladder.
  • Multiple tools can now be added to the tool belt.
  • Adjusted raft steering.
  • Adjusted shark aggression/speed.

Thank you all for your continued support of Stranded Deep as our team works on issues reported to us by the community. If there is anything you wish to report, please share as much information as possible in the [Console Bug Reports] section of the forums.

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


I would recommend using google or your preferred time zone converter to double check what 08:00 UTC/GMT is in your local time zone if you’re unsure :+1:

EDIT: I set up a timezone event so you can double check when you can start checking for the update [Patch 5 Roll Out Timezone Check] - remember, it may not be instantly available but should appear shortly after the scheduled release time.


Thank you thank thank you. :innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent:

CLARE you rock. :innocent::innocent: Stranded deep back in session wool WooOop

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I drink Da Coconut hehe.

That’s awesome, ty :slight_smile:

There’s no mention of any fixes for constant game crashes. Does that mean it hasn’t been addressed yet again? It’s literally the only thing stopping me from playing Stranded Deep.

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If the game crashes were happening within 5 to 10 min of playing, then I would try it to see if crashes or something that might have caused the crashes might have been fixed. Some fixes will fix other random issues.

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It doesn’t matter on the length of play or what’s causing it. The games unstable. If it was just me then fair enough but its not just me.

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Hi Everyone,

As a reminder, if you’re experiencing issues, please report them in the Console Bug Report section so we can address them directly. It also helps avoid issues being lost in comment sections and general confusion when replying to multiple people about items.


Hi R1D5EY,

This is an issue the team are continuing to work on and investigate. Some general improvements have been included in this patch that are not individually listed that we hope can help improve performance for players. However if you continue to experience issues, please do report your experience and details of your game save in the bug reports section. Any and all information that can help our investigation is greatly appreciated.


My friend I wasn’t trying to say it was you at all. Merely helping you keep an open mind and have faith in the Beam Team to keep searching to fix the problem for you. We all love this game and want to see it succeed, but we have to be patient, as much as it upsets us. Just as Claire said though, even if the patch notes don’t say the precise words you are looking for. It’s still worth taking each update, playing the game for a period of time, and seeing if it’s fixed. The more communication with devs we give them and they to us, we can help them fix these things. In short, we all in the same boat ( no pun intended), we all in this together. :slight_smile:

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Sorry I misspelled your name

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No worries - I’m used to it being spelt both ways, but I appreciate you saying so :slight_smile:
Thank you also for your understanding while we work on issues reported to us by players.

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Of course, I know we need to help them so they can fix the problems. I’m an old gamer lol. You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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I think I have a new friend🤗


I’ve been playing this game non stop since I got it. It is simple, very chill yet manages to still piss you off (in a good masochists way). I got the new update on my Series X (not even optimized) and that splash screen is up for 1 second with the SSD. Everything loads fast. The game runs much better and looks a bit better than playing it on my One X.

Love this game and I want to see it grow into something bigger. I hope your team is looking into a full update optimized for Series X and PS5. More items, bigger maps, higher textures and 60fps/120fps and local (split screen) and online co-op w/hosting.

Some fixes and suggestions to look into

.Character shadow needs accuracy (look like stick figures)

.Longer days than nights please or the option to change or set the length

.Character creation (what is up with that goofy hat in 3rd person)

.Dropped item indication (especially in water)

.The watch UV info needs work. It just says High or None. At times it says High but the bar never depletes then at times it does. Can we get a percentage to show how high UV is? Say if 80 % you’ll need to find shade, but at 50% you won’t.

Thanks Team