UI elements are too dark

Any reason why it’s so dark? It’s fine while I’m running around, but as soon as I open a crafting or inventory menu it’s all so dark and difficult to see

Hi HatefulBlock744, sounds like you have the HDR UI issue.

Please disable HDR and let us know if that helps.

I’ve moved your comment to the bug reports section.

Please let us know how you get on with disabling HDR.

I disabled the hdr settings on both the PS4 and TV and that has made it much easier to see. A short term solution though, yes?

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I can’t give a specific time frame on when a fix for this will go through but the team is aware of it and currently working on it.

Glad to hear the workaround has helped you in the meantime.

Same problem here. HDR setting is not usable. Temp fix is to disable HDR but the game looks bad without it.