Can’t play without glitching on ps4

I got stranded deep the end of last year at first it worked great and I liked it. But around January it stopped working I can’t play without it glitching or me not being able to move,falling off my raft whenever I go,can’t save without getting kicked out.:weary: so I stopped playing for a couple months. Tonight I figured since it’s been awhile I’ll try it again to just check to see if it’s better now. I still can’t play because I’m stuck or not loving right can’t light the fire or basically anything. Ugh it’s so frustrating :weary: plz help

Hi Jadeanahi91, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues in Stranded Deep. Thank you for reporting them.

Please let me know:

  • Does the number 2107 appear in the bottom left of the main menu? If not, please check for updates to update to this version.
  • Does your island have a lot of loose items stockpiled on it? If so, please try to either add them to crates or use the new piles feature to store what you can. A large amount of items around the fire may affect being able to light it.
  • Can you describe the island you’re currently on? What items or builds you might have on it?
  • Do you experience a framerate drop on the island? If you look our to sea with your back to the island, does the framerate drop ease slightly?

I understand this can be frustating and any extra information you can provide would be greatly appreciated and may help me to provide further workarounds for you to try.

Thank you.

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Yes it is updated to 2017. I had built a house and storage room a bunch of stuff on it to craft things. I did have loose stuff in the storage room. I couldn’t even play because I glitched to much when I moved. Couldn’t light the fire or pick up anything I ended up having to leave my island to see if a better island would work. I’m on a new island now I rebuilt my house and all my stuff I had and so far it’s been working good. But when I play online I can be in the middle of playing with someone and do something and either I or that person gets a error and gets kicked out☹️ also sometimes when we save we get a error and get kicked out

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Hi Jadeanahi91,

Thank you for confirming that information for me. Since your last message, have you experienced any issues as you added items to your island?

Regarding your disconnects when playing online, are you playing with someone you know? If so, please let me know…

  • What is the NAT type of the host and player 2? This information is in the network settings of your console
  • What is your connection type (wifi, wired, 4/5G)
  • Is the multiplayer game the same save where you’ve had the issue that others can join or a separate save hosted by you or someone else?
  • If it’s someone you know, are you in the same household on the same connection?
  • What region are you playing in?
  • When you say someone is kicked when you do something, is there any pattern you’ve noticed in what action can cause this? Or an action that most frequently results in disconnects?
  • What error appears when you are kicked out when saving?
  • Does this happen when either player saves?

Any extra information about these issues would be very helpful to the team members investigating disconnects in Multiplayer.

Thank you.

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