[PS5][2121] Islands vanishing

Hello, I have a problem with the game Stranded Deep, the Islands I have created disappear when I go halfway before arriving; The islands are empty, the only island that appears complete is the one at the beginning of the game, I have completely deleted the game from the console, the files and the saves, I reinstalled the game, I went through the entire process of creating my personal islands again, (I have done this 3 times) but I still having the same problem, the Islands are empty. somebody could help me.

This is on PS5.

You got images for disappearing islands?

I have the same issue, I reported it a while back. They said they are aware of the problem. I happens as I am traveling on the raft. It looks like just a big sand bar, as I get real close everything reappears. It makes traveling tough.

Is everything else visible at all?
(Water, animals, items, trees)

nothing, as you sail on a raft everything on the islands you see ahead and behind vanishes. They look like sand bars. But as you get close to drop anchor everything reappears. Not a game breaker but annoying. Also, hard to navigate at sea. PS. no trees, no animals, no rocks. But water is still visible, and all things on your raft.

Go to a visible one then

lol, if you turn the raft to head to a visible island, as you approach it, same thing happens.

Start a new save game

Hi @DanielPolo82,

I moved your topic to a new post so I could address it directly and also because it was posted in an older thread, but I also apologize for the delay in posting a response to your message.

I’m sorry to hear you are finding empty islands in your game. From your description it sounds like islands you have added to the game yourself are affected, can you confirm if you replaced the entire map? Or are some islands other than the original island game-generated ones?

The team are aware of an issue that can cause this to happen, however in most cases the islands -re populate themselves as players get closer.

Can you confirm you’ve landed on the islands and items like trees etc still do not reappear?

If the islands remain empty after landing on them, I believe the team would like to look at your save if you’re happy to share a copy. Please note the team does not fix individual files but would use your save to investigate the cause of the issue and issue a fix for the community as a whole.

If you’re happy to share your save file, please use the following steps which should work for a PS4 game on a PS5:

  1. Turn on PS4 / PS5

  2. Insert an External USB Drive into one of the 2 USB ports on the front of the console.

  3. In the main menu, go to “Settings”

  4. Click on “Application Saved Data Management”

  5. Select “Saved Data in System Storage”

  6. Select “Copy to USB Storage Device”

  7. Select Stranded Deep

  8. Select all files and press “Copy”

  9. Wait until transfer is complete

  10. Remove External Drive

  11. Zip up all files copied to USB drive including “.bin” and “Profile” files

  12. Host the files somewhere like google drive, one drive or dropbox and send me the link via private message. I can then retrieve and update the save for the team.

Thank you.