[2107] Lag and Gltiches

Good day clare . I have the same problem with lagging and glitches . I also strugle to even just start a simple fire wanting to cook my meat . Its very very frustrating . Even just walking is almost impossible . I end up restarting the game wich helps for a while but then it just starts again . Im so fed up i just want to play the game

Hi GanjaGoat,

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing issues similar to what others have described. I have moved your post to its own topic so I can address it directly and ask some questions.

Can you confirm for me:

  • What console are you playing on?
  • Does the number “2107” appear in the bottom left of your main menu?
  • Are you playing Single Player or Multiplayer?
  • If playing Multiplayer, are you the Host or Player 2?
  • Is this issue occurring on your base island or all islands?
  • If it’s only occurring on your base island, do you have a lot of loose items around your base? If so, please try adding as much as possible to crates and use the pile feature for others to reduce the number of individual items. If you already do this in game, would you have a lot of crates on your island?

I completely understand how frustrating this can be during gameplay and any additional information you can provide would be greatly appreciated and can help the team investigate further.

Thank you.

Hi … Im playing on xbox one s . Yes game is updated to most recent update . Playing single player . Im not on my start up island but ventured to a more bigger island. Yes i have a lott of crates on my island and a lott of stuff lying everywhere as im in the proces of sorting everyting and putting everything into labbled containers . Is there a limit on how long a bridge you can build as i was experimenting trying to build a bridge from my island to one of the other islands . Some serious glitches also occured here . Thanks in advance .

Hi GanjaGoat,

Thank you for confirming those details for me. Please let me know if your island improved as you worked to sort items.

If after sorting the items you are still experiencing issues, please let me know and if you wouldn’t mind describing your island, how many crates you have, what you built etc.

Regarding building a bridge from one island to another, this has been attempted in the past by other players, but where you’re likely to hit issues is halfway between two islands. This is because there is a point where the island is unloaded and the next island is loaded in between the two islands. Is this where you’ve encountered glitches with this? Once I’ve heard before it takes time to load it, bridges not lining up and not being able to build around this point.