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Hello, im having issues with my world the seed number is #35716913 our story line for the plane isnt popping up and we killed the megalodon and received the achievement but didn’t receive the trophy or meg head trophy, we also cannot craft to the Level 2 tool belt we are having constant issues with the world. We are on Xbox 1 and Xbox 1 X|S we have restarted our worlds and made numerous progress but still to many glitches please fix our world so we can continue to have fun. Thank you!


Hi MamiAris, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for reporting your experience of these issues. I’m sorry to hear they’re affecting your save.

These are both issues the team are aware of and should both be fixed in the next update. While we do not have a release date yet, the latest info on this update can be found here: Message from the Team - Console Update Progress Info

Unfortunately there is no workaround for the Story items not unlocking at the moment. However for the toolbelt, if you crafted slot 1, save, exit and reload your save, you should be able to craft slot 1 again, however this time, it should unlock slot 2. You can then repeat this workaround until you unlock all of the toolbelt slots - I know this is not ideal but hopefully it may help while waiting on the update.

If there’s anything else you’ve noticed that you with to report, please let me know.

Thank you.

Thank you for getting back to me, i did craft toolbelt 1 again but level 2 still didn’t unlock. I did read the update and i do these bugs get fixed because i do enjoy playing this game and spend most of my time on it!

I think i figured out a way to bypass the boss tropghy/plane parts bug for xbox 1 . It took me a few hrs of restarting and testing a few ideas but it worked. Im gonna try to do all 3 again today before i completely got it down . Ill keep you guys posted .


So heres the break down . The bug i found was reloading . If you start fresh and knock out the bosses the items will be unlocked . I crafted them asap after the kill in the boss area. If your game glitches out or you save and back out to main menu you will lose the ability to create the end game items when you CONTINUE from previous save.

So best advice : kill bosses and craft end game items from NEW start before saving and going back to main menu .



this was a little bit confusing but i think im going to wait for update fix

@MamiAris - Thank you for confirming that, I’m sorry to hear level 2 did not unlock for you. I will pass this info onto the team as knowning that workarounds did or did not work for players can be important.

@Shadydj - Wecome to the forums and thank you for sharing your workaround info. I’ll pass this onto the team - as I mentioned above workaround info can be very important for the team to have. Thanks again!

Hi Shadydj,

So if me and my friend already saved after beating the megaladon (returned to our home island to save) is there no hope of this working for us?

I just killed Abaia last night as well and didn’t receive any of the rewards either. Is there a soon to be update fix or at least release date?

With the tests i been running . No . It seems exiting the game and reloading your save creates a bug and locks boss items for the rest of game play . Untill you start a new game. Hope this helps

No problem . As you can see i was the first to hit the leader board . So i know my way around . Ill be checking in on forums to see if i can help with other issues.


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If your that worried about the boss items and beating the game take this advice . Go into cartographer, keep hitting random map until all the bosses are close . Start a new game and take them all out. It took me 1hr from start. 25 spears for megla 35 for eel and roughly 45 for squid , starting with no hunting lv. Im gonna try to figure out the belts today after work.

Cheers !

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@MamiAris - The team are aiming to release the update as soon as possible. Unfortunately I don’t have a release date for this yet. I’ll post another update in News and Announcements if I get more info.

@Shadydj - Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us and other players

Ok . Testing proved the same mistake . I could make all the belts off jump street … but like i said in prior posts , once exit and reload game things get shut down .


Hi Shadydj,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you… I’m wondering based on your last comment if you’re experiencing a slightly different issue.

There is another issues a few players have mentioned where they have had no issue in crafting items, but after reloading their save the crafting menu resets. I am wondering if the same is happening in your situation where you have no issues with crafting until reloading and the menu resets, relocking everything you would’ve unlocked in the previous session.

When you craft something, the colour behind it should change to indicate you’ve crafted it. Have you noticed all of these colours reseting after a reload too?

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Try buy a subscription, maybe if you go through the official client, it can solve the problem.