[2104] Climbing down ladders

Playing on Xbox has anyone else had the bug where you can’t climb down a ladder? Broken my leg many times now because of this glitch.

I’m on PS, but I gather bugs/glitches don’t vary between the two. Anyway, I have run into a couple ladders that couldn’t be fully ascended nor descended once at the top (mainly cargo ships). However, if you drop down and/or jump while holding the climb button, it should make you grab the ladder again.

“Can’t climb down a ladder” (cargo ship) is a known bug in game for long time ago and it still not be fixed until now. It is almost impossible to climb them down. You can grab the ladder again seems lucky more than a solution.

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Lucky, indeed. Never said it was a perfect solution, but with a trained hand it’s just another “speed bump”.

Hi @Repairmanjon, @vilecrow (welcome to the forums) and @swpauhk

I moved your discussion here to avoid the topic you posted in going off topic, but also so I could address it directly and have the info here for anyone else who needs it.

As swpauhk noted this is an issue the team is aware of and I have a report submitted on this issue. However at the moment the issue is on a lower priority while the team focuses on issues with crashing, saving and achievements, but I can confirm it is in the queue to be addressed.

The workaround (though risky) is as vilecrow described. I have also heard of someplayers finding the prompt by crouching, getting low and close to the ladder to try and see the prompt - but I don’t believe it works all of the time.

I will highlight for the team that each of you have mentioned it and experienced it so they know the issue is persisting for players.

Thank you for reporting this and sharing info with each other :slight_smile: