[Xbox][2104] Issues experienced in Multiplayer


I’ve been playing co op with a friend (who is hosting the lobby), we both have Xbox Series X and we been experiencing a lot of issues:

Unable to craft any of the plane parts after killing the bosses, making the game impossible to complete.

Major problems involving crates. When I open any of our crates that contain items they have nothing in them, but when I exit the crate all of the items appear outside of the crate, I can see the items but I can’t pick them up. Me and my co op partner removed every item from all of our crates and put all the items back and it seemed ok. Then when we loaded up the next day I opened crate and all the items appeared outside of the crate and all of our crates were glitched.

After playing the game for around 6 days, my game went to what felt like 1fps constantly and anything around me including my co op partner and animals were glitching everywhere, it was horrific whilst out on the raft.

It’s got to the stage now where we have had to stop playing the game after playing it for over a week as it has become unplayable.

My co op partner (the host) does not not have any of these issues, it’s just me, so I tried to host the game to invite them but that wouldn’t work it would only allow me to start an new game.

Pretty disappointing that this game is on Microsoft access for everyone to play when you can’t currently complete the game. A notification message at the start when the game is loading might be an idea. I ran this game through once over a year ago and it ran a lot better back then than if does now.


Hi @MrWillis89, welcome to the forums,

I moved your post to its own topic so I could address it directly rather than potential confusion in the comments section of the other post.

I am sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues within multiplayer on Xbox. I’ve responded to each of the issues you mentioned below. If I happen to have missed anything, please let me know.

Story items locked in crafting menu:

As you may have seen from other posts, this is an issue the team are aware of and have created a fix for. They are currently in the process of testing it and getting it ready for release in an update. In case you have not seen it yet the latest info on the upcoming update is here - Message from the Team - Console Update Progress Info - But we do not yet have a set release date for this yet.

Crates issues

Issues with crates, both desyncs with player 2 not being able to see items inside them, and items appearing outside of the crates, among others are in the top priority list for the team. From what I can see in the reports, the team are continuing to work on a fix for these issues. Unfortunately the current known workaround for this issue is as you described, the host must remove all items and replace them in order for Player 2 to see them. Understandably this is not ideal and can be very time consuming in a gameplay session for players.

When you say “All of our crates were glitched” are you referring to them having items floating outside them or they had moved position in container shelves you had them stored in?

Slow FPS

Did your friend notice your character moving strangely at all during this time?

When it occurred, were you crossing the midpoint between two islands or did it occur closer to an island?

Can you confirm for me what the NAT type in the network settings on your consoles is set to and what region you are using to play?

Are you in the same household with the same internet connection or a separate one?

Regarding hosting the same game - the game save is maintained on the hosts console and every save saves to their storage. You would need to start a new save to host a game yourself, you can however ensure you have the same map if you copy the seed number of the hosts game.

Thank you for your feedback and I completely understand you not wishing to continue playing with the issues you have described above affecting your gameplay. While a number of them are issues the team is currently working on, any extra information you can provide about the game setup and your experience with the drop in FPS would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi Clare,

Thanks for the response.

When I said all of our crates were glitched, I meant that after correcting the problem by emptying and re filling the crates, things seemed ok for a while, but then it happened again and there was a problem with all the crates again. I’m not sure, but I wonder if it’s when the island resets the animals etc, I saw one post saying something about deleting islands, but I don’t think it’s that as we play on normal map, the 1st map the game generated for my friend after he loaded the game up for the 1st time. Also all of the crates are on shelfs, I have not noticed if it’s different with crates not on shelf’s as when experiencing this problem every crate we had were on shelf’s.
I don’t think the work around of emptying the crates and re filling works as a work around as the problem will just keep reoccurring.

With regards to the low fps. This wasn’t a problem whilst playing for roughly the 1st 6 days and then at a similar time to when the crate problem occurred the low fps occurred. It almost feels like my game is unaligned from my friends. I asked my friend how my character looks when I’m running and jumping and he said it looked normal. But for me it’s like his character and the animals, they walk stop, walk stop constantly. When my friend runs and jumps it happens a few time through 1 jump. This is not whilst crossing from island to island, it’s constant. It’s also the same with the raft when out sailing it, even if I’m on the raft myself, it like the raft freezes every second, it feels like 1fps.

A few other issues we’ve been experiencing are:

Not being able to see that you can craft the tier 2,3,4 work belt.

I have totally lots the ability to move the raft with the grab command.

Fully filling a boat engine with fuel and the fuel level display not going down after use.

Both of our Nat Type are OPEN and playing in the EU region. We both live in England, and are NOT connected to the same Internet. Even though we are both from England and playing on a EU stranded deep server, it was showing 120-140 ping when in the pre game lobby with my friend.

Do you have a rough idea when the next potential patch might be?



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Hi @Clare

I’m new to forums, and forgot to tag you in my reply message, so I’m unaware if you have seen it so I’m just tagging you here incase you haven’t seen my previous message.

Many thanks,


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Hi MrWillis89,

My apologies for the delay in responding to your post. Normally you do not need to tag me, as I get to every post as soon as I can, (I try to tag people when I move and reply their post in case the notification system doesn’t tell them) but if you ever feel I may have missed a post of yours, tagging me as you did should ensure I see it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my questions and share additional details on your experience.

Based on the additional information you’ve provided, I believe this is the issue the team are currently working on regarding crates. From what I can see in the reports, not being able to see items inside, and items floating outside appear to be symptoms of the same issue. Hopefully when the team has a fix for this, it should resolve both problems. You are correct that the workaround of replacing items is only temporary and this issue can reoccur for players frequently. This is why I understand it is not ideal for players as a workaround as it is not a permanent solution and can take a lot of time out of each gameplay session.

Low FPS:
Between the low FPS and your description of what you see in game, it seems like you are desyncing from your friends game - which could be a result of the ping you were experiencing when playing.

When playing, have you tried switching to an Auto region or trying a different region entirely? Such as a US region? If there was any significant difference in gameplay after trying this, please let me know.

The team is working on this issue alongside other crafting menu issues. While the 2-4 toolbelt slots do not unlock for you, have you successfully crafted the slots by using the workaround of crafting the 1st slot again after reloading the game?

Grab command:
You mentioned losing this ability. I have seen other players report this issue but don’t yet have confirmation on if it was lost during gameplay or if it occurred from the start of a save.
Do you recall at what point you lost this ability, if anything significant happened in-game at the time or did it appear to occur over time?

Fuel display:
Can you confirm if the fuel level is seen the same way by both players?
A player reported recently that the water still meter was not displaying 1 drink taken correctly. I’m wondering if there is a similar error in the display for the fuel - if you continue to use the boat engine does it eventually show that the fuel is dropping or does it display as full the entire time?

Regarding your query about the next update release date - this has not yet been confirmed, however the team are working on organizing slots with Sony and Microsoft so the patch can be submitted to them (it can then take a few days for approval + release). I believe team members are also continuing to work on and test other fixes at the same time so some additional fixes might make it into the update before submission. As soon as I have confirmation on the release date and what the final contents of the update will be, I will create a new post in News and Announcements so the info can’t be missed.

Thank you again and also I am again sorry for my delay in responding to you.

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