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As I was saving my game it froze and I had to restart my game but when I try loading into my world I am stuck on an endless screen that says “cleaning up”.

Regular settings.

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Hi Lobster,

I’m sorry to hear this issue has affected your save.

Before the game crashed when saving, did you notice anything in the save such as an item was lost through the ground or any FPS drop or noise distortion?

Can you also confirm for me if this was a Single Player or Multiplayer save?

I have had it done to me 2 times now there is no FPS drop or any items missing. If you like I will start a new game and make the bed right away and save see if it does it there then we know it’s just the bed but if we can have someone that has a bedroll and try and save it in that and see if it still crashes

@Clare ive just started a new save and on night 10 its happened. No FPS drop no items dropping through the map nothing just a simple walk up to the shelter and save. After animation on the left that says game successfully saved thats it it just freeze’s you can still here animals like bats ect but yea :pensive: also im on xbox series X

I have the same problem…endless cleaning up phase…

No noise distortion or anything strange occurred and I am on a solo world.

@Clare i saw a post from another guy and he said that you told him to delete your save then it fixes the bug is this true?

No she told me to do it which i did and ive got to day 10 and the save glitch has happened so i wouldnt bother mate

I don’t recall telling anyone to delete their save file, can you point me to where I said that @Charlie1992? I would like to see the context.

The only thing I can find is I suggested clearing the cache of your console by shutting down the system for 2 minutes and then rebooting. Clearing the cache does not mean deleting your save.

Having same issue .no noise issues nothing odd happened at all until I tried to save …then will not load past cleaning up…using ps4 with update 1.10…on multiplayer…my brothwr had same issue in solo

[PS4] my game froze right after playing. I’ve been playing for 5 hours now saves multiple times and this last save froze game. Found if you sit long enough it tries to come back and fix itself but doesnt

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Before the update my game was on 1.08 then the update for the fix now I’m on 1.09 but others are in 1.10 I have been confused when you all talking about 1.09. as my game says 1.09 now I am still getting this bug with the save file.

The version types can be confusing as they can vary depending on region. The best way to compare versions is to use the number in the bottom left of the main menu as they will be consistent across regions. Xbox is currently on version 2073 as is awaiting a patch that’ll update it to 2074.

More information on the “Cleaning Up” loading hang can be found here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Stuck in "Cleaning Up" phase on load

I have also created a secondary post here for crashes that do not redult in sitting in the cleaning up phase: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Crashing when saving

There are multiple, very similar issues that I am trying to separate out, please provide as much information as possible in fresh bug reports about your individual issues.