[Xbox][2107] crates and fps issues

Hi, I’m checking to see if there’s any solution to this yet? I’m having all the same problem’s with crates items appearing on the outside when opened, fps and can’t move raft. It’s just become unplayable. It’s a shame I absolutely love this game. I’m playing on xbox.

Thank you

Hi @Vultas, welcome to the forums,

I moved your post to its own thread so I could address it directly and ask you some questions.

I’m sorry to hear you have a number of issues affecting your save. Please let me know:

  • Does the number 2107 appear in the bottom left of the main menu for you?

  • From the description of your issues, it sounds like you are playing multiplayer, is this the case?

  • If you are playing multiplayer, are you Player 1/Host or Player 2?

  • Can you elaborate on the drops in FPS, where you would see this the most in game? eg: on your base island, traveling between islands, etc

  • Please also elaborate on not being able to move the raft. If you’re playing multiplayer is this the case for both players?

Regarding the crates, the team is working on issues that prevent Player 2 from seeing items in crates which the team believe could be linked to the issue that causes players to see items floating outside the crate.

If you are playing multiplayer, please also let me know:

  • In the console network settings, what is the NAT type of the Host and Player 2?

  • What region are you playing in? (If you tried other regions at any stage and noticed a difference in gameplay please let me know)

  • Are you in the same household on the same connection or a different household?

  • What connection type are both players using (Wifi, wired, 4/5G, etc)

  • What router brand are both players using? Are both using the same ISP?

I completely understand how frustrating these issues can be and any additional information you can provide would be greatly appreciated by the team who are investigating and working to resolve issues. It may also help me provide some suggestions for workarounds you could try in the meantime.