XB1 Boat engine no longer working

First, I hate my 1st post here being a complaint lol but thanks for the hard work y’all are putting into the game. I really enjoy it.
Having said that, I thought the raft may have just been stuck under my dock but after dragging it out into the water I noticed the engine makes noise but still doesn’t propel the raft nor steer it at all (post update). Clearing the cache doesn’t seem to help so I thought I’d mention it here. Thanks again.

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Hi Danielp82,

Welcome to the forums and thank you for creating your own bug report on this issue. I appreciate you trying the cache clearing and letting me know, I shall update my report for the team with your information.

I know recreating the motor has not worked for another player on PS4, but have you tried this at all with your own raft? It may not work but even removing the motor, quitting, and then returning to reattach the motor may be worth a shot. If you try anything else, please do let me know as I will inform the team of anything tried by players in their build.

I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the game overall - thank you for your understanding and patience while we work on this issue.

I haven’t tried removing or rebuilding it but will be glad to give it a shot when I get home from
work this evening. Thanks again for the speedy reply.

Cheers Danielp82, I’ll keep an eye out for any updates from you and update the team accordingly. One thing I suggested to come other players is deconstructing, reloading the game, and then adding the new motor so it’s going on in a fresh gameplay session. A long shot but may be worth a go.

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I tried everything you mentioned to no avail. I went ahead & also tried removing the anchor & removing the storage boxes I had recessed in the center section of my raft without any luck either. I built a sail which works fine but the rudder doesn’t seem to want to steer barely if any either.
On a much less critical note, I also noticed the raise & lower sail prompt text is opposite from what it should be fwiw…

Hi Danielp82,

Thank you for letting me know how you got on with my suggestions and I’m sorry to hear that non of them helped. Thank you also for mentioning the Rudder, I had seen it was working fine for other players but will let the team know that is not the case for everyone. Can you confirm for me what your raft base is made out of? Particularly the part attached to the rudder and motor.

With regards to the sail, this caught me off guard before too, but it is actually correct in sailing terms as lowering the sail means to take it down or pack away and raising the sail means to open it out and use.

Slightly unrelated but I love your buildings and setup in the background of your images :slight_smile:

The raft is basically a 3x2 with 1 more base sticking straight out of the front. The rear 3 sections where the motor/rudder/anchor are attached are buoy balls with a corrugated floor. The middle 3 are a combo of tires & buoy balls with corrugated & the front piece is tires & corrugated.

Sorry bout my nautical term ignorance. Learn something new everyday lol.

The island is still a work in progress but I’m pretty happy with it so far. The building/creativity options are one of my favorite parts of the game.

Thats great, thanks for those details, I’ll pass them onto the team as they may want to test out different setups and materials.

Your island looks amazing that’s such a great shot of it. I love how you have your farming plots laid out in a curve along the raised grassy area. Thank you for sharing :smiley: >Makes design notes<

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Same problem here. PS4 PRO

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Hi Olega - welcome to the forums,

Please note you only need to confirm a bug once, or if you like, create your own post on issues you have seen - especially if the posts are a bit older. We are a small team so all of us will see the posts and they won’t get lost :slight_smile:

Please also check the [Known Issues] posts for the latest updates and workarounds on issues. I see you already know the HDR workaround, but another one that may be of interest to you is the update at the top of [Known Issue] Raft motor steering sensitivity