Xb1 beating boss not giving blueprint or trophy or achievement in multi-player

So I’m playing co op as player 2 with a friend and when we go to fight the boss after completing it and getting the notification that it was completed the blue print does not unlock as well as the trophy or achievement. Nothing happens. We have reloaded and gone back time after time and same thing.

Hi Prgreeneyez135, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear this issue is affecting your save, this is one the team are aware of and are investigating. It involves an issue with the story item recipes not unlocking correctly in the crafting menu, however, the items should be craftable from the quick crafting menu after the boss it defeated - crafting while still in the boss area may be easier.

The boss trophy should also be craftable after beating the boss, however if this section of the crafting menu remains locked for you, please let me know.

You also mentioned an achievement does not unlock, can you confirm for me which achievement in particular is affected in your save? The team are investigating a potential link between the blueprints not unlocking in the crafting menu and the “Gotta Craft Them All” trophy, as well as a separate issue that may prevent “Call Me Ahab” from unlocking after each of the bosses have been crafted.

Unfortunately there is no confirmed workaround for these achievements, however some players have managed to unlock “Call Me Ahab” by crafting the trophies on their starter island only or by placing all 3 in their backpack. We have “Known Issue” posts on these linked below…

I understand these issues can be frustrating when playing and appreciate you reporting your experience of this issue to us. Any extra information you can share about your experience would be greatly appreciated and I shall add details of your experience to my report to the team.

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