[2104][Multiplayer] Crafting issues

The same thing is happening to me and my friend on xbox. We fought 2 of the bosses just to confirm after spending alot of time doing everything else and then we found out we could not complete it. Now we believe it is going to happen on our new server because itdoesnt show the crafting menu properly (we notice it on the toolbelts not showing us tool belts 2-4 even though we have 3/4 of the slots). Gonna use the quick crafting tip but we would love to be able to finish the game!

Hi QueenChaos, welcome to the forums,

I moved your post to its own thread so I could address it directly and as the thread you’d posted in was 7 months old and there is some new information around issues mentioned that appear similar but behave differently.

Crafting “Story” items:
The team is aware of an issue that is causing items in the “Story” section of the crafting menu to remain locked after players have defeated the bosses. Unfortunately the previous workaround of using the quick crafting menu to craft these items that players used in previous versions does not work in the current version.

The team have been working on a fix for this and are currently testing it and prepping it to be released asap. I unfortunately do not have a release date for it but the latest info on the update can be found here: Message from the Team - Console Update Progress Info - once I have more info on the release date and the confirmed contents of the update I’ll post a new post in the News and Announcements section.

While this issue doesn’t affect every save, it appears to affect the majority of console users who have posted on the forums. I am not sure what causes the difference between the two save types, so unfortunately you may not know if your save is affected until you beat a boss.

Toolbelt crafting remaining locked:
As you already have 3/4 slots, it appears you may already be using the workaround for this of re-crafting the first slot to unlock the additional ones.

The issue with this crafting path not unlocking correctly is another one the team have been working on, especially as it has an effect on crafting and achievements related to crafting - the aim is to have this fix included in the next update also.

I completely understand how these issues may be frustrating for you and your friend. However the team will always aim to have the fixes apply to pre-existing saves, so if you still have your older multiplayer save too, I would hold onto it for now.

Thank you.

Thanks you for working on it. We just defeated a boss on a different server we made. It happened again. We are just so disappointed. We worked so hard on it both servers. We kept it saved before the boss so hopefuly when it gets fixed we can try again.

Hi QueenChaos,

I’m sorry to hear this issue has affected your most recent save also and completely understand your disappointment and decision to wait until the next update is released to fight the boss again. Please keep an eye on the News and Announcements section for information on the update being released.