Toolbelt gone / can't craft new / all items in backpack lost

Loaded up a normal savegame with a friend (I’m the host) with no issues before and when it loads I don’t have any of the items I had on me except the axe I was holding (it was in toolbelt originally, now it goes into the backpack so I guess it’s like the toolbelt was never there) and I couldn’t use the toolbelt or assign anything or use the items on it, I even get the beeping sound when I try to open it like there is nothing there or even craft a new one. Also I noticed that some of the wood containers I had laying on the island had been blasted all over the place but when I loaded up the same savegame the containers were fine but the items and the toolbelt problem was still there - don’t know if it’s relevant.

Last thing I did before the savegame was pick up a wooden container and a couple of items I usually get on me and saved the game and exited into the main menu. I did that while being solo for a couple minutes but I always play with a friend (he left the game a couple minutes before) and when I opened that savegame a bit later we were together from the menu and this issue occured. Haven’t saved again after that in case it can be reverted because I guess it’s not gamebreaking but having the toolbet made everything easier. Any ideas ?

Seed #10630482

As I poke around here, I’m seeing that more and more people are experiencing this issue.

Hi asdf,

My apologies for the delay in responding to your post. I’m sorry to hear this issue has affected your save.

In case you have not seen it, I have a post on this issue here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Inventory and Tool Belt Reset (Multiplayer). While there are no workarounds for this issue at the moment, if any are found that post will be updated.

When your friend left the game, did they choose to leave or did they get disconnected and not return to the save?

As you are unable to craft another toolbelt, does this mean you were at level 4? Players report being able to craft the next level up but cannot retrieve the slots lost.

When you saved the game and exited to the main menu, do you recall if your axe or any other items were in your tool belt at the time?

Unfortunately unless you had a backup of the save file it cannot be reverted. However the team are still investigating this issue and it is unknown if an update could restore the toolbelt at a later stage.

Thank you for also mentioning the crates, while it may not be related, I will make a note of it.

Hey @Clare PlayStation and Xbox keep game data about a day behind. So if people experience issues you should tell them this. They can download it from the cloud to their console.

Hi Clare , I’ll track the original thread if any workarounds are found. I’ll answer your questions.
My friend chose to leave and yes I was at level 4 toolbelt and on it there was a refined axe,flashlight,pick and refined knife.

@asdf - thanks for letting me know, I’ll add these details to my report.

@SmokedLargeMeat - Thank you for this information. I’ll keep a note of this for players that may be able to revert to older saves.