Ps5 stranded deep unable to interact

I am playing stranded deep, on my PS five. Since I’ve done that last update, which was just a few days ago for me, I am unable to interact with any items while playing. This occurred shortly after I started flying the gyrocopter. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. I am unable to defend myself against predators, cannot pick up items, cannot chop down trees. Makes gameplay unplayable. What do I do? I have already restarted my system, and reloaded, with no success.

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I’ve had to just restart my progress over but failed cause the bug happened again, don’t think it’s playable until they fix it.

There is an ongoing thread about this issue: Ps4/Ps5 V 1.07 Can't Interact with anything

I have the same problem
Please fix it, the game is unplayable now :frowning:

i know already been there, just tellin him my bug

Ive got the same problem on my ps5 started new game over twice but happened again. deleted and reinstalled game but no good this has happened on 2 different islands so i dont think its a location issue. Was not fighting any boss. I wasnt injured or poisned there is a clip of it on utube someone has posted if u need to see it game is no longer playable please fix

Yeah same problem here on ps4, unable to interact with objects after latest update.

Hi all,

Thank you for reporting your experiences of this issue, I’ve a known issues post started here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Loss of interactions for this issue.
There are currently no workarounds available but I am gathering information for the team and updating the post with information from other players that might be helpful.

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Thank you so much for the speedy response

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