[PS5][2116][Bugs]coop desync problems

I’ve scoured some previous bug posts so I’ll list as much information below to summarize we’re seeing online coop problems,

Playing co-op only, haven’t seen issues on single player

World is fine online solo

Issues are when either person hosts

Both players in the same household

Issues occur after some progress is made however I’m not sure if it’s builds or time usually after a water still, smoker, 3 metal sheet farm crops, plank station, fuel still

We have 1 custom island that we’ve visited multiple times to clear resources

islands disappear until player 2 disappears with a fence error sorry I’m not sure of the exact error but once they drop the island reappears, they can then rejoin and the island is generated, and then when sailing back to the spawn island then that disappears until they’re dropped and it reappears

All items in host world are stored in containers

Containers appear empty with items dumped out for player 2 until they disconnect and reconnect then when they access a container it will be empty for 3 seconds then items will reappear in the containers

When desync begins player 2 can’t save

When desync begins Fish don’t move for player 2

When desync begins Oxygen doesn’t decrease under water for player 2

Made it to day 15 game was fine until about day 10

We only have 1 shelter

Raft has 4 tyre bases, 4 barrel bases
4 stick bases, 4 plank floors, 8 stick floors, 2 light sticks, 2 lanterns, 1 motor, 1 rudder, 1 sail, 2 container shelves, 6 containers

5 containers are empty , 1 has spear gun 15 speargun arrows, 1 coconut flask, 2 bandages,

ISP is centurylink gigabit

modem is CenturyLink Technicolor C1100T

NAT type 2

We’ve tried auto, Europe, both US, Asia, and Australia

We’ve reboot the modem, powered down fully and repowered

Uninstalled the games and reinstalled the games

Deleted the saves and restored from cloud backup

Deleted the saves and started over

Rebuilt playstation databases

Hi Fatherdarkness, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for reading through previous posts and for sharing the details of the issues you are experiencing in Multiplayer.

I have seen some other players report they noticed their issues occurring around day 10 or so as well. Would you say you had the water still, smoker, 3 metal sheet farm crops, plank station and fuel still by day 10?

Were you also regularly cycling a custom island for resources at this point? I know the team have been looking into the impact that cycling custom islands for resources can have on a save as more items are added. By day 10, how many times do you think you would have reloaded that island? That said, while I know it can have an effect, other players have reported similar issues without custom islands being used so I do not believe it is the source of your issues.

Can you confirm for me if you’re on wired or wifi connections in your household? While I do not believe this is the source of your issues, I would like to add this info for the team in case they need it to try and replicate a similar setup.

I will pass all of the information you’ve shared here onto the team, and if they have further questions, I will post them here.

Thank you again for sharing all this information about your gameplay style and setup, I know the team will greatly appreciate this information.

Yes by day 10 we had all of the listed

We did not cycle the islands after the problem begun and a clean install, but after the 2nd attempt tried 2 custom islands to prevent the need to cycle with the same results

We tried both wired and wireless connection for the wireless I used both a high speed wifi and a slower one 5g vs regular Incase speed was an issue.

Hi Fatherdarkness,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I’ve included this info in a followup message to the team about your experiences.

As before, if the team have further questions or have any suggestions to help avoiding this issue occuring, I will post them here.

Thanks again.

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I have had the same issue (chest dumping and player disconnection. I reported it but never received a response. Is there a fix for it yetM?

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Hi EmoGal22313 - I have responded to your original post here: [ps4/5][1.18][audio/gameplay] items spawning outside of crates for guest