[2116] Multiplayer desync and disconnect

I have the same issue.

Same house

I’ve tried multiple different regions.

Player 2 non host keeps getting disconnected or the game will glitch. Where they can’t get into crates or things they build won’t show up.

We have tried everything that people on these forums have said to do

Hi Turbokid1994, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing the same issue with multiplayer disconnects as reported by others. I have moved your comment to its own thread so I can respond directly and as a way of keeping information about each person’s issues with disconnects separate so it’s easier for the team to reference info from individuals about their setups.

Thank you for sharing the information above. I assume because of the thread you originally posted in, you are playing on PS5 or a combo of PS5 and PS4, is this correct?

Please also confirm for me:

  • What day do you recall your disconnects starting from?
  • Do you recall what you would have crafted / added to your island by that point?
  • What would a typical gameplay session look like for you (before the issues started occurring, for example: resource gathering, crafting, building, traveling to other islands, stripping islands of resources to bring home, etc)
  • Do you use custom islands for resources and if so do you refresh them frequently?
  • Do you use storage crates and piles for resources on your island and/or keep loose items?
  • Does player 2 only disconnect when traveling for you or has it occurred in other situations?
  • What Router and ISP are you using?
  • Are you typically using a wired or wireless connection? As you’ve probably seen from other reports online we know PlayStation connections can sometimes have issues within the same household. However if you’re able to connect and play for a bit before disconnecting, this is likely not the issue but it would still be good to have this information for the team.

Any additional information you can give about your own experience of these issues would be greatly appreciated as it can help the team to investigate further and test common factors among players.

Thank you.

Basically it happens during every phase. Whether it’s resource gathering or at home island building or putting resources into the spots they go. But a new one is crates keep locking up to where you can’t get into them. And my non host player is having a lot of issues trying to create piles or access the piles I’ve made

We are both playing on Xbox series x. We actually went and bought a brand new Xbox x for my wife just to play this game cause she liked watching me play solo and helping when she could. So it would be greatly appreciated if we get this fixed

Hi Turbokid1994,

Thank you for confirming that information for me.

Can you confirm for me if by each “phase” you mean each gameplay session where your wife joins your game?

Also, when you say the crates are locking up, does this mean neither you or your wife are able to open the crate at all or does this only apply to your wife trying to access the crates, similar to the issue she’s having with the piles feature?

Please also let me know:

  • That the number 2116 shows in the bottom left of your main menu - I wanted to double check this as crates locking up for both players is an issue that was fixed in a previous update. It occurred after a player operated a vehicle, but if you’re definitely both on the latest version, then this is likely a different issue.
  • What in-game day you’re on
  • Do you use custom islands for resources and if so do you refresh them frequently?
  • Does player 2 only disconnect when traveling for you or has it occurred in other situations? If they do not disconnect at all is the issue isolated to desyncs and crates locking up?
  • What Router and ISP are you using? - we know our service provider for multiplayer has issues with Spectrum, which is why we ask this as it can help us track service providers and devices among players. If it is possible to test one of you using an alternate connection, such as a mobile connection. This could help rule out if the issue is occurring at the internet connection level, or if it’s happening at the game level.

I completely understand how disappointing this can be for both of you. I know the team are working on connection issues occurring for players as one of their top priorities and the more info we have about common factors in gameplay and setup by all those affected the better as it helps the team with testing things internally.

Thank you again.