[ps4][save, bug] gotta craft them all and call me ahab

Everytime we save the game and load next time whole crafting menu went from brown (crafted) to grey (not made). We killed megalodon and didnt received any trophy or plane part in story (in crafting menu) like we never beat the boss.
That happen after last update 10.1.2022
Also we cant use biocular and watches, we also lost kura, potatoes and quwawa we found on islands.


Multiplayer, cooperation passive animals, private lobby

Saved game and reload
We tried new game in new saving slot on new seed didnt help at all
-Images / Links - Stranded Deep gotta craft them all and call me ahab bug - YouTube

Hi Eloumeloun,

Thank you for submitting a bug report on this issue. I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with crafting and trophies in your save.

This issue you mentioned is similar to another player’s report on the Story items no longer being craftable for them. Had you killed any other bosses before this issue occured or previously unlocked the story items in the crafting menu? Thank you also for sharing this video.

The team are aware of the issue with the binoculars and are investigating this also.

With regards to the lost items, were these in crates, on the ground or in your inventory? Any extra info about the lost items would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately I do not have any workarounds for this issue, but should the team suggest any, I will update a Known Issues report I have created here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Crafting Menu Reset

Hello Clare,
we killed only megalodon, the lost items were in chest, backpack and also on the ground. Also cooperative player didnt see any items in the chest storage. We did not unlock any trophy from bosses.

Hi Eloumeloun, Thank you for confirming that for me. I’ll note that info in my reports.

With regards to Player 2 not being able to see anything in the chests, another player noted that if the host removed everything from the chest and then placed it back inside, their Player 2 was able to see the items again. Please let me know if you try this and if it does / doesn’t work for you as a workaround.

Hi Clare,
To be honest we only need 3 bosses and crafting for our platinum trophy. So we will wait till the crafting and bosses will be repaired. Could you let me know?

Thank you

That’s understandable Elounmeloun, please keep an eye on Console News and Announcements section. Any Patches/Updates will be announced there for the whole community. I likely wont get a chance to report it in individual posts for different issues included in updates.

Hi Clare thank you for let me know where I can check

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