[Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Spoiled food stuck in crates

Issue Summary:
Players have reported that Spoiled Fruit and Potatoes cannot be removed from crates. Fresh items can be added to the stack within the crates but if they are in a stack with a spoiled item they also become stuck.

[Correction: Originally it was reported by players that Starter Crates may not be affected by this issue, however it has been confirmed by multiple players that Starter Crates can indeed be affected and are not a viable workaround]

Saving, quitting and reloading will remove them from the crates along with any fresh items in the stack allowing the crates to be used again but the items will be gone from the save.


Just want to confirm, if someone hasn’t already, that this absolutely occurs with starter crates too. It happened to me yesterday with two of my stacks of potatoes that were in the same starter crate.

If you’re already aware of this, you should update the post so people don’t think they can work around the bug by putting their perishable items in starter crates.


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Thank you @EDenney - Someone had mentioned it and I completely forgot to update the post. Thank you for prompting me to do so and for also adding your own confirmation.