(PS4) (1.09) Cannot interact with multiple items

I play on PS4 version 1.09. i have been having an interaction problem since i have reached day 6 of survival. i cannot build a sail on the raft. i cannot interact with trees, yuka, plants and i cannot interact with the meat on the meat smoker. if i make my session public and someone joins (for 20 seconds after they join i can interact with everything but after 20 seconds i cannot interact again.
I have reloaded the game, cleared the Cache and even started a new game on another card slot. after day 6 the interaction problem happens again
please help
i play on a custom home island. the new game i started was not a custom island and the problem still persists.

This is a known issue from the previous update, they have identified the problem and are working on a patch. I read it’s their top priority, should have it worked out once they are done testing. Figured I’d reply since I just caught up on it from 5 or 6 days ago

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thank you…i saw that they released an update today so I thought it was fixed.

@Claire not much has changed since the update, I played last night no problem, changed islands and explored 1 island cleared the whole thing (custom island) returned to my home base, cleared yucca, small palms, and dropped items, went to save and had 0 interactions again with stuff above seas level.

Hi @yuvan and @A_Coacherson, please see my post on this here - **A Note on the 1.09 Update for Playstation** 10/7 This update was not for the interaction bug, the team are still working on the fix for this issue.

You can find more information on the post I’m updating here - [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Loss of interactions - including workarounds that have worked for players and links to Sam’s posts and comments on the issue.

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PS4 Player: Everything worked fine after starting over with the 1.09 update now back to no interaction after coming back from another island. Also sharks and pigs don’t respawn and no snakes.