Multiplayer Saving issues

I’m having the same problem as the first guy how is this bug STILL NOT FIXED??!?!?

Hi Xyno, welcome to the forums,

I moved your comment to a new thread so I could address your issue directly. I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with saving in multiplayer, if you don’t mind I have some questions that may help the team in working to resolve this issue.

Please let me know:

  • What platform are you playing on?

  • What version are you playing? This number should be in the bottom left of the main menu and would be “2083” if your game is up to date.

  • When saving in Multiplayer, is it the Host or Player2 attempting to save or both? Please note the save is only kept on the hosts console.

  • Are you using a Bedroll or a Shelter to save? Please note that sleeping does not save the game.

  • When reloading the game, is the continue option available for that save slot?

  • When trying to start your save, do you begin at the plane sequence or on an island with everything reset?

  • If there is a change in files in your system storage before and after saving the game that indicates the file saved but cannot be accessed?

  • Do you have a single player game in the same slot? If so, were any changes made to this save recently?

  • Have you changed any of the default options in your Multiplayer save?

  • Do you play Public or Private? And in which region do you play?

  • Have you tried saving in a different slot or choosing a different region when playing?

  • Is your game on your console or on an external drive?

  • Are there any other issues that occured during your gameplay session such as desyncs between you and Player2 that you noticed?

  • Please also confirm if you are using a wired or wireless connection for your network connection. If wired, please try switching to wireless (this has helped players with hosting issues in the past)

I understand this issue is frustrating and any extra information you can provide about your experience with this saving issue would be greatly appreciated by the team working on the issue.

Thank you.

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Idk if yall are still even providing support at this point. But im honestly really disappointed. Its jan 2023, and this save bug STILL is not fixed. We were having a really good time with this game. Making decent progress, only to have it wiped when we quit because the game doesnt save.

Series x.

Ver 2104

Both attempting to save.

Using shelter


Day zero plane sequence




Private, region auto, but most like USA.

Internal ssd


Wired for both console

Why even have this game go to gamepass? Seriously, its ridiculous. But i guess the benefit of it is i didn’t have tonpay to find out the game is so broken its literally unplayable. Are you planing to fix the issue ever?

Came here because we have the same issues from last night, both on xbox. Thought the game might have this fixed after being out for half a decade but alas, no luck.

Great idea for a game, unfortunately awfully implemented. Disappointed as this is not the first time a friend and I have wasted nights of our lives on it, we like the game and want it to work!

After some playtesting. Which i cant believe i had to do for a game this old. I found a possible fix. It seems the continue button for both single player and co-op is tied to whether or not a single player save exists on the save file. By starting a new single player game on the same save file and progressing a minimum amount to being able to save it, and then quiting to the main menu. The continue button then appears for hosting a co-op game. I was able to load the multi-player save my friend and i had been working on. And after further testing, the save holds when continued to be played and saved host side. This seems like a major oversight in my opinion, and with a fix so easily discovered in less than an hour after i posted my original comment. I can’t believe it hasnt been corrected on the devs side at this point. I hope this helps you too. If you have any issues. You can reachout to me on xbox at the same name as my profile here, and i can walk you though what i did.

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Hi Xfearthehiddenx

Sorry for my delay in responding to your posts.

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to answer each of my questions. This info can help the team with replicating similar conditions on their side.

Secondly, thank you so much for that update and for sharing what you found after playing some of a single player game. While the reason this occurs for some players and not for others may require further investigation from the team, knowing details about a workaround like this can be fantastic for both the team and other players affected to have. Thank you again for sharing this info - it’s greatly appreciated.

I have already passed it onto the team and will respond here if they have any further queries but your information is very clear. (unfortunately I am not able to reach out via an Xbox account).
I will also reach out to another player who recently reported a similar issue on a single player save to see if your workaround helps them.


@novice_castaway, welcome to the forums - I’m sorry to hear you were experiencing this issue also. Please let me know if Xfearthehiddenx’s workaround detailed above does or doesn’t work for you in your case.