[Known Issue] Sharks clipping through land and objects

Issue Summary:
Players report they are being attacked in shallow waters and even through land as sharks are clipping through the surface. In some cases players may be dragged under the world though they should be returned to the surface when the shark lets go - please let me know below if you are not.
Sharks may also attack rafts on the beach or clip through ships.

There are no gauranteed workarounds for this issue however saving the game while the shark is in the shallows or under your island may reset the shark to their default position for a time.

Players have reported that simply sleeping may be enough to reset the position of the shark (especially it it’s under your island) and we have also heard a storm may reset them too.

Further Reporting
Please let me know if you have been trapped under the world, if sharks have attacked your beached raft (and if you were on it at the time) or if a shark has clipped/swam through a ship to attack you.

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Yes the shark attacked me while standing on shore of the 2009 update and i was killed as i had exited the water to get bandages from fighting the shark. I have not opened the game for the new update or tried to play the game after that due to the tool belt error as i am fully equipped with inventory and a full tool belt.

Hi Screenp2,

Thank you for reporting your experience of this issue with the sharks after the update to version 2009.

Can’t play until the shark issue is fixed. Its been weeks, since I turned it on. Come on guys! I know you can do it! I love this game, and want to play!:grin:

Been attacked twice why being in the ships love the game just think u shouldn’t be able to get attacked why you’re in the ships

I can confirm I’m also getting this, with the 2033ver, in different occasions, both in shallow and deep waters.
Sometimes you get the shark music and no matter how much you hunt them they’re nowhere to be seen. Until your back is to the island and they charge.

Experienced the shark clipping through a container ship just now. Was looting the inside and it attacked from outside.
Then tried to hunt it and couldn’t see where it was and the annoying thing charged from inside the ship.
No winning when the game is cheating you. :cry:

If spears are attached to the shark when it clips through things it seems as if the spears disappear, or maybe fall to the floor upon the shark clipping. I cannot see the initial clipping so cannot be 100% sure.

I’ve tried and tested this as best as I can and it looks as though no matter where it clips, the weapons cannot and while I haven’t witnessed the clipping into objects I see it coming back out with no spears in it.
Trying to give as much info as possible to assist in dealing with these issues.
Hope it helps.

Hi @Raelik,

thank you for those updates on your experience, I’ll pass on that info about the spears. I imagine it’s a combo of the spears not cliping and possibly something to prevent the shark from getting stuck in underwater elements (when it’s not clipping through everything anyway)

On my island I have a Goblin shark that clips into the land and will attack me from behind as I’m entering the water from the shore. I can just see it’s tail retreat back into my island after it attacks. I constantly hear the “Danger Music” when on my island because of the shark beneath me. My raft is constantly attacked by sharks in shallow water as well. It could be the same shark who has gone rogue and made his own rules :sweat_smile:

Hi HeraldOfTruth - welcome to the forums!

Thank you for sharing the details of your experience with this issue. Can you confirm for me if you are on the raft in the shallows when it’s attacked or if you can be standing on your island and see the raft in the shallows being attacked by sharks?

Hi Clare,

To the best of my recollection it was when I was on the raft that the sharks would attack it. I can’t recall noticing it being attacked while I’m on land.

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Thank you HeraldOfTruth, that’s good to know. If you do notice them attacking something you’re not near, please do let me know - but I now believe this might be an unrelated issue as opposed to being part of the clipping issue.

Just had a shark clip through a sunken ship and attack me. Also, the shark was clipping a bit near the beach and was able to drag me below the map. This on 2033 on Xbox one X.

Hi Trendkill555,

Thank you for sharing your experience of this issue. When you were dragged below the map, was your character teleported to the surface or was a restart required for your save?

i was able to swim back up to the surface.

Thanks Trendkill555, I’m glad you were able to make it back to the surface.

Are the sharks evolving? Lol soon we will have land sharks. I haven’t seen this problem yet, but they do tend to try to glitch themselves closer to the island sometimes and they try hard lol. If they can’t make it pass some rocks, give them a second and they will pass the rocks lol.

If you see a sharks evolving limbs or forming into some sort or Shark-Tornado let me know! This is most definately not intended!

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I can confirm this too (XboX). A tiger shark near my island swims constantly through the ground and has attacked me several times. I was also attacked in a shipwreck by a shark which swam through the ship’s side. For this reason I often listen to shark music even though I am in the middle of the island. Same thing has happened to me on other islands.