Sharks grabbing you through land / ankle deep water

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Let me use the proper format this time around.
Playing on PS4, version 2033, issue mentioned in topic title.

When on an island, the music that plays when a shark has it’s eyes on you can continue the play. Then when going in very shallow water, not even knee deep, the shark can grab you from under the land and drag you down. This has happened to me twice.

On the first occasion, I got dragged around in the shallows and upon being released I got placed on land. (Sand bank)
The second time is the current topic, this is when the shark dragged me into the ocean. I’d say about as far as the area where sharks normally swim around islands

Seed #33421339
Specifically the island SW of the starting island.

No custom island were added into the world, and the world was randomly generated at the start of my playthrough.

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Hi EradicateYou,

Thank you for reporting this issue and for using the bug reporting format - it’s much appreciated!

This is an issue the team are aware of but I notice I haven’t added it to the known issues so I’ll do that now and also pass your experience of the issue onto the team members investigating.

I have seen other reports of sharks attacking rafts that have been dragged onto the beach. Have you noticed this yourself at all or has your character been the only target?


I personally haven’t noticed the sharks attacking my raft when it’s on the beach.
I did have a raft disappear on me once though, it was dragged onto the beach on my starter island and it disappeared after roughly 10 minutes of me farming. The ominous music was playing during this time, so i’d say it’s possible a shark bumped my raft into the water.

I ended up reloading from my previous save.

Also, Giant Crabs and Giant Hogs are able to move / turn rafts around when moving against it. (Raft size 3x3)

Thank you for that extra info EradicateYou, I shall add it to my report for the team!

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Have experienced this as well but also while exploring ship wrecks such as the yacht and cargo ship the shark has come through the walls and glass to pursue me.

Version 2033
Xbox one

Hi Ajl22191,

Thank you for confirming your experience of this issue and for including your platform and version number. I’ll add these details to my report.

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This bug was in the 2009 update on ps4 as i was killed on shore getting a bandage from a crate when the shark clipped through the island.

I am having a similar/same issue. When visiting other islands (not my starter island). This only started happening maybe a month or so ago. I was well into the game before it started happening (at least 60 or 70 days in).

I have my raft as close to the island as possible (sometimes pulled onto the island) and use an anchor. Then I continue to hear the shark music but cannot see a shark. Sometimes they attack/knock the boat and attack me in shallow waters, sometimes I just hear the music the whole time I am on the main land. Occasionally I can see the shark glitch through the shallows/land.

It started out happening occasionally, now it seems to happen when I visit most islands.

: I did just test to see if saving and restarting the session would fix it and it seems to have worked. So I saved my progress on the current island, exited the game, and restarted the session and haven’t seen, or heard, a shark yet.

I also have version 2033 and play on PS4.

Hi Akrupa312, welcome to the forms!

Thank you for sharing your experience with this issue including the fact that restarting reset the sharks so they were no longer under your island or in the shallows.

Should this occur again, please do not hesitate to let us know, we have a know issues post for this issue too - [Known Issue] Sharks clipping through land and objects - which you can add comments to if you wish.