[Ps4][2033][pigs underwater]

Custom islands(in video) and generated islands have done this multiple times. After attacking the pig, sometimes it just runs to the edge of the island and just stands there.

Hi Dank-a-licous,

Thank you for the video and for reporting this. In the past players have reported that on custom islands their pigs or hogs run into the sea and off the island into the deep. Can you confirm have you ever noticed them hanging around the edge of the island underwater or do they seem to vanish into the deep entirely? We’ll make a note for the team that you’ve also experienced this on generated islands.

I have seen them do both things

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The problem is in the AI. of the animals , they need some kind of code that make the go back to the island when they touch the water

Thank you Dank-a-licous.

And thank you Ahmadm48 - as I’m not a dev I’m afraid I cannot speak to where the issue is occuring or what the team may change to resolve this, but I appreciate your input :slight_smile:

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I wonder if the issue for the animals doing this is also causing sharks not to spawn on or near custom islands.:thinking::thinking:

I believe the animals doing this is more recently reported issue than the sharks not showing around custom islands :thinking:

I have had an issue with sharks being under the island and you can’t see them when in shallow water. Not sure if this issue has been reported

Hi Jr17322 - welcome to the forums!

The issue with sharks swimming in the shallows is seperate to the one Dank-a-licous posted above and the team are aware of it. We have a known issues post on it here - [Known Issue] Sharks clipping through land and objects - which contains more information about the issue itself as well as some potential workarounds. If your experience differs from those mentioned in the main post, please let us know in the comments :slight_smile:

It’s a new species ONLY found in Stranded Deep Oceans! Water pigs = food and hydration :stuck_out_tongue: