[Known Issue] Sharks clipping through land and objects

Hi happypommes - welcome to the forums!

I’m sorry to hear this issue is affecting your game too, but thank you for sharing your experience and confirming which platform you are seeing it on.

I too have the issue with sharks clipping through islands and wrecks. Console player Xbox 1. I play permadeath and almost drown in the island because of a shark. Was a goblin shark, starting island and I’m not sure of the seed but will update if it is needed. The purple poison starfish in the rocks still being able to poison you is also equally enraging. I also believe I speak for all console players when I plead for the storage update pc got. I know it’s a limited team with bug fixes being priority but sneak in the storage with the next patch low key and say nothing. See who catches on. Thanks!

Thank you for those details of both your experience and gameplay setup Bam101015. I will add these to the report on the purple starfish also.

The teams aim is to bring over what they can from PC, but we’ll know more about the contents of the next update once the patch notes are released :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I’ve been having some difficulties with clipping sharks on ps4. So when I would be hunting the Giant Groupers I would randomly get the dramatic music stuff and I’d swim back to my island and then when I’m in the shallow parts I’d still be attacked by sharks and this is all sharks Hammerhead, Tiger, even with the aggressive Black Tipped Reef Sharks which is another glitch. Also, they can attack my raft when it’s beached and sometimes when I’m not on it at all. I haven’t yet been attacked while I’m fully on my island or in a shipwreck but it’s just when I’m in water. Shallow or not I get attacked so I can hardly hunt anymore because there is a hammerhead currently swimming around my island. It’s basically like there is no shallow parts anymore because if one foot is in the water I get the dramatic music. I currently have a Black Tipped Reef Shark on one side and a Hammerhead on the other. But anyways sorry for the long review but I wanted to give as good of a description as possible. Thx

I would also on like to on add that I’m on version 1.07 and on day 144 and noticed the bugs started happening around the day 100 mark but don’t know for sure when they actually started to take effect otherwise.

Hi @TheMonster14544 - Thank you for providing that detailed account of you experiences with this issue and for following up with your version number and age of your save.

It may be possible to reset the sharks back out into the water by simply sleeping on your island and though I know it’s not a prefered way to play, setting the sharks to passive may help you to explore and hunt while the team continues to work on this issue.

If you happen to have a clip of the Black Tipped Reef Shark attacking I’d greatly appreciate it as I could add it to the report for that issue too.

Thank you again for taking the time to share that info!

Edit: and I forgot to say… Welcome to the forums!

@Clare i currently do not have a clip of the shark but I can try and get one on screen record I’ll post it as soon as I can

I also did put it in passive so it might have fixed the reef shark and if it’s still aggressive I’ll try to video it. thx

Thanks TheMonster14544 - shall keep an eye on this thread but no rush or worries if you can’t :slight_smile: Just thought I’d ask seen as you mentioned it!

This is a link to a YouTube video I made with the aggressive reef shark

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Oh fantastic! Thank you so much :slight_smile: I really appreciate you taking the time to do this and I shall add this to the report on this issue so they team can have a look.

Yea no problem, if I end up getting a clip of a shark clipping through the ground I’ll post it here as well just like what I did with the Reef Shark glitch. Thx

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Hey Clare, it’s been a while. I’ve been playing the game on a new world and I ran into this same issue. I decided to try my luck with killing it. I didn’t think it was possible since they are supposed to be invincible but I was able to. Along with that, I skinned the shark and it gave me 3 hide and 3 large meat. I’m wondering if this glitch is a bug involving the wrong type of shark spawning in. Im assuming the shark is supposed to be a tiger shark but is registering as a reef shark. This information I have discovered may help a lot with this glitch and getting it resolved if it has not been already.

  • I’m on ps4

  • The seed is #810517

  • I’m on day 103

  • The world is multiplayer

  • I’ve also had this world for a while but I took a break and decided to hop back on and tried this trick out.

  • I have multiple custom islands but I was on the starting island when this happened. Something i forgot to mention above is that I believe the reef shark spawned in at the very start instead of what is usually a tiger shark that is supposed to spawn at the beginning.

  • let me know if you have any more questions about anything because I would be happy to help in any way that I can.

Reef sharks have always been killable on console along with the hammerhead, great white, tiger etc all give 3 hide and 3 meat except for great white i think you get slightly more for that

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Thank you for letting me know. I figured I may have missed something and it could have been part of the game. I never tried to kill them because I was always told it was impossible. I guess I learned 2 things now. How to get rid of aggressive reef sharks and the fact I could have killed them all along.

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Hi TheMonster14544,

My apologies for not following up on your report about this - thank you for sharing additional info. I got a chance to discuss this with Sam not long ago and he confirmed that on the console version the Black Tip Reef shark is designed to attack / be agressive like other sharks. This shark type is only passive on the PC version of the game - I wasn’t aware of this difference before so I appologise that I was not able to confirm the difference for you when you first reported the issue.

Thank you Breckabick for confirming it above too :+1: