[xb1][2083][crate bug] Spoiled fruit stuck in crate

Sorry for my delay in responding to you @OIF1ADVET - I’m sorry to hear it happened in your starting crate too. Thank you for letting me know, I shall update my report.

@wilson - Thank you for mentioning this, I’m sorry your potatoes were lost but it’s good to know that your pipa was not. I’ll include it in my report also.

@Charlie1992 - I’m sorry to hear that. Thank you for sharing the details of your experience. I understand this is so disheartening for everyone…

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Yeah this is rediculous. One bug after another. The game honestly gets worse after every update. Not worth the headache anymore. Report a bug and for what? To see nothing done about it month after month. Sorry and understanding doesnt help anyone. Step it up. This is garbage.


I am also having this same issue… went to start farming and now I can’t remove fruit or potatoes from any crates.

Hi StrandedDS, welcome to the forums,

Can you confirm for me if the items that are stuck in your crate are spoiled items? If any fresh items are also stuck, please let me know.

Hello Clare any news on the patch to fix the fruit/potatoes/spy glasses issue? On consoles Thanks :grin:

Hi @OIF1ADVET - not yet I’m afraid, but if I hear anything it’ll be posted here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Spoiled food stuck in crates and the spyglasses one is here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Spyglass / Binoculars not working as intended

I have also highlighted for the team how many players have reported these issues in my reports.

So. 4 months later and no fix? My potatoes are stuck in my crate. Hard to get fuel and complete the game with no potatoes.
I took a break from this game due to so many glitches. Came back yesterday and different glitches.


Please see above for the link to the Known Issues post for this issue, if any information is passed to me from the team about this issue, it’ll be posted there. The team are currently working on the next console update but further details have not been released yet.

I understand this issue can impact progress in the game, including in the production of fuel as you mentioned and I will pass your feedback onto the team.

Bought this game a while back, eventually decided I wanted to go for the platinum trophy on PS4 as I enjoy survival games.
Found I couldn’t get it anymore on my day 83 playthrough as the only 2 Quwawa fruit in this playthrough don’t respawn and I had eaten them without knowing that the trees never bare fruit ever again.

Came back a year later to have another crack at it, maxed out crafting everything I need to get ‘Gotta craft them all’ trophy only to find that I had this same issue, fruit stuck in crate then disappeared.
But my situation is worsened by the fact that I had a spare fruit laying on the ground on my base island with my other herbs only to go to where I left it to finding that it had despawned, it was there for a long time then suddenly gone when I needed it for the trophy. And here’s the kicker those were the only 2 fruit in this playthrough too but I’m not the one that ate them this time, Stranded Deep’s coding ate them.

Once again I’ve been cheated out of my platinum trophy and made to look like a fool, I feel like a fool too looking at these replies.

You can’t magic them back for us after taking them away I get that, that’s why you guys are giving the boilerplate reply of apologies and saying you understand because that’s all you can do, you might fix the bug in time but you can’t fix the issue that the rest of us have been left with prior.
Just do the right thing here, make fruit respawn on trees, least you can do after you took them away from us in the first place.

It was my mistake on the 1st playthrough that I failed to get the platinum, the failure on the 2nd play through is all on you guys.
Please don’t expect people to do a 3rd playthrough because of your mistakes.

Hi Grizz,

Welcome to the forums. Thank you for your feedback regarding both the fruit spawning and the details of your experience of this issue with fruit in crates.

I will submit your feedback regarding respawning fruit to the team, with a note about how it affected you in both instances and that you found a very limited number of the Quwawa in your saves also as they may wish to look into these numbers also.

Fruit left on the ground has always despawned after a while

I guess while I’m here i should add that I’ve noticed this today too… thought it was weird how I couldn’t even highlight the spoiled potatoes in a crate, then realised it was another bug… I won’t make that mistake again though…

Hi Jaxx2507,

Thank you for reporting your experience of this issue. I shall add your details to my report for the team.

Same issue on my end. Confirmed save/exit/reload strategy clears crates of bugged spoiled fruit and potatoes. I believe the issue occurs when a fresh fruit or potato is placed in a crate, then later spoils in said crate, therefore causing a logic coding error to occur due to the item becoming a “different” item within the same space, rendering it glitched and/or corrupted, causing the item(s) in question to become obsolete and unobtainable.

Hi ObamaCaring, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry for my delay in responding to you. Thank you for sharing the details on your experience and where you believe the issue is occuring - I will pass this onto the team.

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So do you guys actually fix anything cuz I’ve watched this be asked for months and no changes have been made to even the most basic glitches how incompetent is beam team to even have this many in the first place

@Clare im having the similar issue. It doesn’t say that they are spoiled, just in the inventory and unable to access.

Hi @Noell10433, welcome to the forums,

The team believ thye have found a solution to this issue and I believe it is with QA for testing. Though we do not have a release date yet for the next update, the aim is to include this fix in the update. I had only recently recieved info regarding this but have now updated the Known Issues post to reflect this.

While I understand this is a very frustrating issue for players, please be mindful of our rules and guidelines (Rules and Guidelines - Stranded Deep) and keep your comments respectful. We have no issue with negative feedback so long as it adhere’s to those rules.

Hi Babydoc, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for reporting your experience. It may be possible that other items in the stack spoiled without the name changing that resulted in the issue. But if you find this is the case for multiple items, I would greatly appreciate you creating a new bug report with as much info as possible so I can pass it onto the team on the off chance you are experiencing a different issue.

Thank you.

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