[Known Issue][PS4/XB1][Multiplayer] Player 2 cannot see items in crates

Issue Summary:
Players have reported that after the update to 2083, Player 2 can no longer see items in the crates in their save. The crate continues to act as full for Player 2 though they cannot interact with anything inside.

blacksanctuary noted that in their save if the Host removed all of the items from the crate and replaced then, Player 2 could then see the items again.

If this workaround does not work for you, please let me know.

Further Reporting
The team are continuing their efforts and are looking into the connection between this issue, disconnects and desyncs in multiplayer. They have managed to replicate the issue internally but only under some more severe connection issue simulations and are asking the community for more info regarding their individual setups and experiences as there can be a large number of variations.

If you’ve experienced this issue, if you wouldn’t mind answering the following, I can pass this into onto the team so they can continue to investigate this issue.

  • Have you updated to version v2107, and did this issue occur in the previous version for you?
  • Are you both in the same household using the same connection, or seperate households?
  • What connection type are you both using? (wired, wifi, 4/5G)
  • In your console network settings, what NAT type is displayed? If Player 2 and the host have two different NAT types, please confirm for me which is which.
  • What brand of router and ISP do you both use?
  • What region are you using for the multiplayer save? (if you’ve tried multiple regions please let me know if performed better than others)
  • If you experience disconnects in the save, have you noticed any common occurances that result in your disconnects - eg:
    • When travelling between islands
    • When on your base island
    • When when on surrounding islands
    • When performing a particular action
    • When you are further apart in the game… etc
  • Similarly, did you notice if the disconnects, desyncs or inability to see items in crates occured after…
    • X days had passed
    • After you had built or crafted a certain item or brought an item back to your island
    • When certain items were stored in the crates
    • After using crates from different islands / custom islands
    • After you gathered X crates.

And if there’s anything else you can think of that you feel could be relevant, please let me know.

Thank you

Also had this issue. We had at least 8 crates that I (player 2) could open and they were showing as empty or had a fraction of the items in them. Upon player 1 removing and placing items back in the crate, all could be seen.

Hi LemasterAsh - welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing your experience of this issue. While I’m sorry to hear it affected your save, I am glad to hear that the workaround also worked for you.

Hi there! I’m just curious if there is any long term solution for this problem yet? My girlfriend and I love this game but it’s getting harder to play now that we have so many crates and with only her (the host) being able to access their inventory. The current workaround has worked for us so far but as I said, since we have almost 40 crates, it gets quite time consuming to empty and refill each crate every time we load into the game haha. Thanks in advance!

Hi itsmoongoose, welcome to the forums,

Unfortunately the only workaround that I know to work is the one you and your girlfriend are already using. The team is still working on this issue but should another workaround be discovered in the meantime I’ll add it to the top post here.

I do completely understand with such a large amount of crates that this is not an ideal workaround and very time consuming as part of your gameplay session. While I believe they’re aware, I’ll make sure to pass this feedback based on your gameplay experience with your girlfriend onto the team.

Okay thank you! No worries though, haha we still love the game so much it’s just a little bit of an inconvenience, that’s all. Have a great day!

Thank you so much for your understanding while the team works to fix this issue itsmoongoose and it’s great to hear you’re continuing to enjoy playing the game with your girlfriend, hope you both have a wonderful day too :slight_smile:

Any update/timeframe on this fix? We would love to keep playing this game but this bug has made it almost impossible. We will continue when the bug is fixed.

Hi Markenhouser,

The team is working on this issue but they have not yet released an update on their progress or timeframe for a fix. Should the devs share any information on this issue with me I will update the top post here.

I am sorry to hear this issue has impacted your gameplay and I will pass your comment/feedback regarding waiting for a fix before continuing to play onto the team.

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Have they fixed the issue yet?

Hi Markenhouser,

An update for the console version of Stranded Deep has not been released yet. As soon as the team releases more information on this, and what the next update will contain (fixes, any changes or additions, etc). It’ll be posted in the News and Announcements section.

Are there any intentions of fixing this? This is a game breaking bug (it is inpracticle for my friend to empty and refil every single one of our crates every time we reload the game!) and as such the game should either be removed from sale or the problem fixed!

Hi Navarre, welcome to the forums.

This issue is on a priority list for the team. They are investigating this issue as well as others and their link to overall desync within multiplayer but I do not have any details at the moment on the progress on resolving this issue.

I understand it can be very frustrating and time consuming for players to remove and replace items in every crate upon reloading your save. If you wouldn’t mind letting me know what console you’re playing on and if your crates are in container shelves, loose on your island or both, I will add your details and feedback regarding the impact of this issue on gameplay to my report for the team.

Hi Clare,
We have gone back into the game today to gather the information you requested as I was pretty sure it was both loose crates and shelved ones but wanted to be certain, and its now working. The only difference from what I can tell this time is my friend has since turned off his Xbox Series X (the same platform I am using). We both restarted the game the other day but only I restarted my Series X, since it was only me with the probem, but it did not fix the issue. Will let you know if the Host restarting his machine works if the bug happens again.
One thing that still isn’t working though is I can not ‘grab’ our Raft, though I can grab everything else (Tyres, Barrels, dead Animals etc)

Hi Navarre,

Thank you for taking the time to double check your save and I’m sorry to hear your friend is having trouble hosting. I hope it may be a short lived connection error, but if the issue persists, please let me know - it may also be worth creating a new bug report on the matter so I can address it directly instead of within this topic.

I will make a note of your estimate on the crates and can update it at a later stage if needed.

I have another report on issues with interacting with rafts and I’ll add your comment on not being able to grab your raft to that report too - thank you for mentioning it.

Sorry if I worded things badly Clare.
My friend can host fine. I was just letting you know that the bug we ae talking about effects me (the non-host) and not him just in case thats relevant to fixing the problem. Me restarting my Xbox Series X didn’t resolve the Crate problem but him resterting his did (where him, and I, merely closing the game completely and reloading it didn’t)
I can confirm, because the bug returned, that I can not see any of the items in any of the crates, loose ones and shelved.

My apologies Navarre, I misunderstood your message and see where I misread now, thank you for clarifying it for me. Thank you for confirming that they can see the items in the crates and the issue affects all crates for you.

Thank you also for letting me know that the restarting of the host’s Xbox had an effect. This may be linked to a cache in the console clearing and I will let the team know (though I understand it is not an ideal workaround overall).

8 months with not even a word on a fix. I knoe your just being the fall guy here but not even you know, or have a hint on when this will be fixed. Everyones just left in the dark, bummer

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I see an update rolled out. Is the crate issue fixed?