[Known Issue][PS4/XB1][Multiplayer] Player 2 cannot see items in crates

Issue Summary:
Players have reported that after the update to 2083, Player 2 can no longer see items in the crates in their save. The crate continues to act as full for Player 2 though they cannot interact with anything inside.

blacksanctuary noted that in their save if the Host removed all of the items from the crate and replaced then, Player 2 could then see the items again.

If this workaround does not work for you, please let me know.

Also had this issue. We had at least 8 crates that I (player 2) could open and they were showing as empty or had a fraction of the items in them. Upon player 1 removing and placing items back in the crate, all could be seen.

Hi LemasterAsh - welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing your experience of this issue. While I’m sorry to hear it affected your save, I am glad to hear that the workaround also worked for you.

Hi there! I’m just curious if there is any long term solution for this problem yet? My girlfriend and I love this game but it’s getting harder to play now that we have so many crates and with only her (the host) being able to access their inventory. The current workaround has worked for us so far but as I said, since we have almost 40 crates, it gets quite time consuming to empty and refill each crate every time we load into the game haha. Thanks in advance!

Hi itsmoongoose, welcome to the forums,

Unfortunately the only workaround that I know to work is the one you and your girlfriend are already using. The team is still working on this issue but should another workaround be discovered in the meantime I’ll add it to the top post here.

I do completely understand with such a large amount of crates that this is not an ideal workaround and very time consuming as part of your gameplay session. While I believe they’re aware, I’ll make sure to pass this feedback based on your gameplay experience with your girlfriend onto the team.

Okay thank you! No worries though, haha we still love the game so much it’s just a little bit of an inconvenience, that’s all. Have a great day!

Thank you so much for your understanding while the team works to fix this issue itsmoongoose and it’s great to hear you’re continuing to enjoy playing the game with your girlfriend, hope you both have a wonderful day too :slight_smile:

Any update/timeframe on this fix? We would love to keep playing this game but this bug has made it almost impossible. We will continue when the bug is fixed.

Hi Markenhouser,

The team is working on this issue but they have not yet released an update on their progress or timeframe for a fix. Should the devs share any information on this issue with me I will update the top post here.

I am sorry to hear this issue has impacted your gameplay and I will pass your comment/feedback regarding waiting for a fix before continuing to play onto the team.

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