[Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Gotta Craft Them All not unlocking

Issue Summary:

Players have reported difficulty in unlocking the "Gotta Craft Them All’’ achievement. This could potentially be due to crafting menu progress not registering correctly (colors behind items don’t stay brown, or change from brown to gray depending on reload of save). Players have also reported issues with this trophy even if all items in the crafting menu have changed to a brown background.


There is no workaround that is confirmed to work for all players, however players may wish to try the following:

  • Craft all items on the starting island

  • Avoid custom islands

  • Craft everything within the 1 session (suspending the game rather than quitting to preserve craft menu progress)

It is understandable that these workarounds are not ideal and can be time consuming, but if you try them, please let me know if they did or did not work for you.


Issues that affect achievements are one of the top priorities for the team and they are working to resolve the issue with this achievement along with other potential crafting menu issues. If I receive any progress updates from the team regarding resolving this I will update this report.

Further Reporting
Please let me know the details of your experience and what you noticed when attempting to unlock this trophy.

  • Do all items have a brown background in the crafting menu for you?
  • If any items do not have a brown background, which items have remained grey?
  • If you reload your save, are the same items grey in the menu or does this change?

I also having trouble unlocking this trophy on PS4 Pro. All items have a brown background, even after reloading the savegame. I built everything except the three airplane parts and made a backup. If I now build the plane parts, the trophy will not trigger. Then i crafted all the items a second time on the main island and completely finished the parts for building the house with the hammer, without success.

Edit: I created a custom island and exchanged it with another one, but I didn’t build anything on it. I collected 2 fruits there and created the item from them on the main island. Then i removed the custom island.

Hi @Haze,

I’m sorry to hear that this trophy is not unlocking for you. Thank you for sharing the details of your experience and what steps you have taken in game to attempt to unlock it. I will add this info to my report for the team.

Edit: Sorry Haze, a follow-up question for you. When it came to crafting the toolbelt, did you craft it using the workaround (reload the save and craft the 1st toolbelt multiple times) or did you craft each tool belt individually?

I’m having exactly the same issue. The pouch 2 & 3 keep switching between brown and grey circles
Same with the boss trophies. Is there going to be a fix soon for this?

Hi @pachomar, welcome to the forums,

I moved your comment to this topic as I am working to keep track of the variations of issues impacting this achievement following the update to 2107 and avoid continuing with the older thread.

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with this achievement and the items changing color for you. Thank you for confirming which items you are seeing affected by this.

Please let me know:

  • What console are you playing on?

  • Does the color switch each time you reload the save or is it occurring each time you open the crafting menu?

  • Have you noticed any other items switching colors that you can recall or did it seem to be the toolbelt and items in the “Story” section of the crafting menu only? Within the “Story” section are the plane parts also affected?

  • When crafting the toolbelt, did you craft each pouch individually or did you use the workaround or crafting the first one multiple times after reloading a save?

  • For the boss trophies, had you crafted them before the update to 2107 or just recently?

Regarding a fix for the issue - the team are actively working on this issue and to find the trigger that can cause it to occur for some players, but not for others. Any additional information you can share would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi @Clare, i builded all tool belts one after another.

Hi Haze, sorry for the delay in responding to you, thank you for confirming you built the toolbelts this way. I’ll let the team know.

I play the game on PS5 [v2107]. I crafted all items, but the trophy did not pop-out.

  • Do all items have a brown background in the crafting menu for you?

When I load my save all items have a brown background, but after playing the game for 5-10 minutes two of them becoming grey.

  • If any items do not have a brown background, which items have remained grey?

Shark trophy and Toolbelt

  • If you reload your save, are the same items grey in the menu or does this change?

When I reload my save same thing happens as described above. I play on “play online” as host, solo.

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Hi f1rkan, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for sharing this info. The fact that they go grey over time is interesting. I shall inform the team as this may help their investigation.

Edit: A, hopefully quick followup question for you:

Do you recall what you did in game in the 5-10 mins before the reset background? Did you craft any items, travel in game, etc?

I played the game for hours. I had left to craft 6 items (monster trophies and plane parts). After killing last monster I headed out to big ship (plane), there i crafted all 6 items at once and trophy did not pop-out. I did not finish the game and went to nearest island where i saved the game. Next thing i remember is checking all craft items list once again and i saw that there was a problem in monster trophies and toolbelt menus. I just got nervous and quit the game. After a couple of days i decided to give it another chance, loaded my save game and all items had brown background, but after a couple of minutes shark trophy and toolbelt becoming grey. And to answer to your question - first i decided to built and craft some things, second time i did not do anything. I did not travel anywhere. The conclusion is that in both cases the result is the same.

Later today maybe i will play again to check if i missed something that would be useful to the team.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share the details of what you did in each case. As each time you did something different but the results were the same, I would agree that it is the same regardless. However I will pass all of this info onto the team for them to use in their investigation. I believe your info shows where some issue reports from players that appeared to be different may actually overlap. Thank you again for this info, it is greatly appreciated!

If you notice anything else surrounding this, please do not hesitate to let me know.

@f1rkan - I have a question from the team, do you have a backup of the older save file where you haven’t crafted the last few items yet?

If so, would you be happy to share a copy of the save with the team? The team cannot fix and return individual files, but your save would be used to investigate the issue and test fixes for release to the community as a whole. As this is a difficult issue to reproduce your save might be very benificial for the team to take a look at.

I think even if you saved after crafting everything, if the same issue with the background changing is still occuring, it would be good for them to see.

If you’re able to share a copy of your save, please follow the following steps (As it’s a PS4 game on PS5, the steps should be very similar)

  1. Turn on PS4 / PS5

  2. Insert an External USB Drive into one of the 2 USB ports on the front of the console.

  3. In the main menu, go to “Settings”

  4. Click on “Application Saved Data Management”

  5. Select “Saved Data in System Storage”

  6. Select “Copy to USB Storage Device”

  7. Select Stranded Deep

  8. Select all files and press “Copy”

  9. Wait until transfer is complete

  10. Remove External Drive

  11. Zip up all files copied to USB drive including “.bin” and “Profile” files

  12. Upload the zip file to Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox or similar and send me a direct message with the download link. I will then pass the save file onto the correct team members.

Thank you

Hi, same problem here.I crafted all of the items but no trophy.I built everything on my spawn island, no custom islands and on a random seed.For some reason there are some items that doesn’t register as crafted: those three trophyes heads of bosses.

I will share some screenshots about those “crafted items”.Now for some reason when i craft those trophy heads, some items like farm plots gets gray background.