Note on "Gotta Craft Them All" Achievement / Trophy

UPDATE: from version 2116 onwards, piles are no longer a requirement for this trophy and I am un-pining this topic.

Original post:
Hi all,

I just wanted to add a post here in the hopes of more eyes seeing it.

In investigating the “Gotta Craft Them All” trophy, the team were looking at the fact that piles now count towards the trophy after being added to the game but are not listed in the crafting menu.

After sharing this with users who recenty reported this issue here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Gotta Craft Them All not unlocking - 3 of them have successfully unlocked the trophy by creating a pile in the game. (In 1 case a reload of the save and immediate crafting of the pile before opening the crafting menu was required for one user.)

I’m going to lock this post, but if you continue to have issues, even after crafting piles. Please let me know in the link above. Thank you.

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