[Known Issue] Interaction prompts not displaying

Issue Summary:
The most common reports of this issue come from players who are having trouble climbing onto rafts when swimming or climbing down ladders, though it may occur in other areas

In a lot of cases missing prompts can be rectified by looking away from the object in question entirely and then looking back. There may also be a “sweet spot” where the prompt is more likely to show.

Further Reporting
We understand for players trying to find the prompt while swimming is difficult and in some cases, they may not be able to see the prompt at all. If there is a specific object or location you persistently experience this with, please let us know in the comments below.

As a reminder - please do not post full bug reports in the comments.

At times it’s almost humorous when this happens, because you know it’s going to happen almost 98% of the time. At most, I’ve tried to get on my raft right behind the anchor because usually it will give 2 options of either interacting with anchor or getting on raft. Most of the time, you can almost go all the way around the raft and still never get a prompt to get on it.

Tip for the raft, hold the X button down as you swim around the edge. It will eventually find a spot to let you up. This will make you jump when you first press it, so if you know you can’t jump up on the raft make sure to start pressing x back from the raft because you’ll sink a bit after the jump and this can make you go under the raft instead of looking at the edge. Sometimes it will let you climb up through the floor when you go under but it’s a risky game.

I also noticed looking at or just above the lip of the raft seemed to help as well. I circled where I’m talking about in the below image. I hope this helps some people.


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I’ll try that, thank you

Thank you for sharing those tips @Desmonddark85 and the prompt showing up more frequently at the anchor for you @Mtragincajun79 is also good tip that some other players may find useful!

I know this can be a frustrating issue given the time it can take to show the prompts or if you’re trying to get away from sharks and I appreciate you both sharing what has worked for you in the past.