[Known Issue] Interaction prompts - Ladders

Separating this issue out from - [Known Issue] Interaction prompts not displaying

Issue Summary:
A fix was issued for interaction prompts on ladders and while climbing up is no longer an issue the interaction for climbing down is difficult to find.

Players have mentioned jumping into the water where possible or jumping and turning to quickly grab the ladder as the prompt appears on the way down. Both can potentially result in broken bones if a player misses.

Yeah this has been a long standing issue, I just don’t get off the ladder, then I don’t fall. I’ve learned after many broken legs lol. Ladders are not friends.

I did notice that the interaction prompt for climbing back down the buildable tower wasn’t there, but if I look down at the ladder and interact anyway, it has always worked just fine for me and attaches to the ladder to climb down easily. I can’t remember if it’s the same for the top of freighters though. Either way try this before you jump! Or at least aim for the water if you do have to jump. Lol.

Happy safe climbing, fellow survivors!

Thanks for this info ArmchairTuna66, I’ll add a link to your comment in the main post too.

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