Raft just vanished

Hi all,
I was on one of the islands and when I wanted to leave my raft was gone.
I had put anchor on it but still vanished.
I tried to get out of the game and back in but still was not where I left it.
Is this a bug?
Also it’s hard to get on the raft always just goes under when I try to get on.
I died from the shark because of this big ,wouldn’t climb up or will go under the raft

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Hi Salute,

The issues you mentioned are bugs the team know about. Some community members have shared some tips for finding the prompts on rafts in [Known Issue] Interaction prompts not displaying

As the team are still investigating the rafts vanishing, we would greatly appreciate a bug report of your experiences if you’re happy to do so.

The most common reports of this issue that I’ve seen are players who return to islands and save immediately. Please let me know if this was the case for you and if you experienced any lag or noticed any island elements still loading in when saving.

Yes I saved as soon I made a shelter

Ive lost 2 rafts now

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Hi Dorz21,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve lost rafts too. If you wish to share details of your experience that I can pass onto the team members investigating, please so in Console Bug Reports or [Known Issue] Rafts vanishing after sleep/save. Any information you’re happy to share is greatly appreciated.

I know this thread is a little old, but figured my experiences may be of assistance. I too have lost two rafts.

1st time: I anchored very close to the shoreline, so close in fact that a hog attacked and hit both the raft and me, I took damage and the raft was knocked back a little bit off of the shore. At that point I saved on the island, I already had a hut established and exited the game for the day. When I next played, I ran around the island getting fibers for the better part of the game day, but when I went to leave my raft was gone. I figured maybe the hog’s hit “retrieved” the anchor and I hadn’t noticed and it floated away.

2nd time: I played for about 6 game days, going between islands collecting and what not. When I made it back to my well established home, I ran right to the sleeping bag and tried to save, but the game crashed. When I loaded it back up, I was back where I had started playing, as if it I hadn’t done anything. A little miffed I just shrugged and went to get on my raft…which was no where to be seen. I’m not sure how the raft would have disappeared after reloading a save file that did have a raft right off shore, that when I started playing I jumped on and went looting islands

Sorry it’s long winded, but I do hope it helps. I thoroughly enjoy the game, even with the bugs here and there. Thank you!

Hi Reidz,

Welcome to the forums, and thank you for sharing this info, I see you have posted this info and more in the [Known Issues] thread so shall reply further there.

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