Harvesting and selecting bug


I’ve been having a problem with stranded deep there is a bug that won’t let me harvest palm trees, trees, yucca plants and young palm I also can’t access creates nor pick up resources same goes for my save point. I’ve been playing the game two days and I’m on my 12th in game day. Before there was no problem also my spears when thrown at an giant crab don’t hit I’ve thrown dozens of spears at one and they go right through without inflicting damage. I’ve really enjoy this game and I’m completely bummed out about this issue. I’ve looked online and could not find anyone who had the same problem neither can I find a solution.

Thank you


Hi Scano,

Thank you for submitting this bug report and for providing that video. The first issue you mentioned is one the team is aware of and are currently investigating. I’ve a known issues post made here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Loss of interactions

While there are no workarounds that we know of at the moment. Players have reported that over time the interactions come back as the issue seems to work on a cycle. You may also be able to interact with items if they are closer to the water level when the issue occurs.

Do you recall what time of day in game this issue triggered at and what you were doing at the time?

With regards to your issue with the giant crab, was this occuring during the interactions issue or beforehand? It may be possible the hitbox for the crab was also affected by this issue.

I understand how disheartening this issue is and while I know the suggestions above were not ideal, I hope they may be of some help while the team are working to resolve this issue.

Thank your for your reply I understand you might be busy so I appreciate this very much

It first happened during the day I travel back to my original camp on the starter island after discovering the second. I did spend quite a lot of time on the second island exploring and farming and thought I’d return to gather the resources I had stored on the starter island and that’s when I noticed the problem. I couldn’t pick up anything I had laying on the ground beside my camp nor could I interact with my loom and water still. Intrigued by the bug I investigated more and discovered I couldn’t harvest trees or vegetation. I went back to the second island and none of this was the case after some time the bug then began taking effect on the second island.

The crab bug was happening along side the interaction bug I’ve only experienced this with one crab as I didn’t see another I was able to kill it with a refined spear close up.

Thank you

Hi Scano,

Thank you for those details and your understanding while we look into this issue. I believe this may be all the one issue. But if notice the issue with the crabs happening when the issue isn’t present, please let me know :slight_smile:

I sure will.

Thanks for you time

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I have had the exact issue multiple times. It’s usually around day 12 for me. So do you just wait it out or does it never fix itself? Because I have been restarting but if it right itself I would do it.

I’ve been logging in just to see has it fixed itself but unfortunately I’ve not luck. I’ve been messing around with the bug just to gather a better understanding of what’s going on. Notice the difference in distance at which I can access the fire in regards to how close/far it is from the water level. Very strange connection


On day 7 there seems to be a storm. I’ve had this happen 3 times in a roll while testing. After that point the glitch begins.

If it isn’t the storm I’m wondering what happens in the code on day 7 for the game. Seens weird to be a week in and BOOM it hits. Is there something the game does when you are a week in?

Hi Scano, Thanks for that video, your experience matches up with others. The closer to the water level an item is the easier it is to interact and items under the water don’t see to be affected for a lot of people.

I’ll forward this video onto the team - thank you for taking the time to record and upload it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information about the storm. With regards to the 7 days timescale, this issue appears to occur at various points for different players and doesn’t occur on day 7 for everyone and also occurs at different times of the day. Because of this I’m currently gathering information on various actions taken by players before this issue occurs. As everyone has a different gameplay style, there could be something in common that is happening in each save, but at a different time.

Except I’m not and I can do it live and demonstrate it on demand. Come watch my live stream. Also I was watching another live stream and absolutely told the guy what would happen. And it absolutely happened for him on day 7.

It could be related to something done that you level.up to by day 7 but I have checked Twitter and there is absolutely tons of people also saying…day 7.

Please check the stranded deep Twitter feed to verify.

For future refernce for myself and anyone else reading this thread, this line of comments continued here: [PS4][2071][Gameplay] Can't interact with most things - #186 by Clare