Game crash at save

how long are people waitng after they hit save? i play on ps4. and before the update my screen often would freeze at save. depending on how much i had built, travelled, in game days since last save, it sometimes would freeze up for 20-30 seconds before it would finally unfreeze and confirm my save. if i saved frequently it would only freeze for a few seconds before confirming. i have yet to play since the update because of work schedule but plan to later today. just curious if anybody else had similar to mine before the update. and if anyone has tried waiting a little while after the freeze to see if it ever comes out of it.

@Clare the reason i ask this is because if it was already a small issue that no one noticed because it wasnt game breaking. then maybe the update triggered the small issue to become alot worse. and if its frozen and trying to save and you shut the game down in mid save it could possibly corrupt the file making it so it wont reload previous saves? could be the cause of both?

Hi Chiasson,

That’s an interesting question. I know there were some reports with freezing before the update and one user, EDenney, reported experiencing crashes while trying to save.

I believe there could be two issues occurring here which is why I separated out my known issues posts as players have also reported not being able to load their save without a crash having occurred. I think some crashes may be more frequently reported now because players are also able to save more often with the interaction issue gone… So I’m working to separate out all the different potential aspects of this for the team.

I don’t think quitting while saving has been mentioned by anyone yet, but I’m going to leave your post here in the bug reports section for others to read and see what kind of variations there are.

i meant the freezing. my game has always frozen when i save as i said in the original post. that would mean if its froze its trying to save. if they shut it down in the middle of that could corrupt? then unable to load corrupt save?

i am having similar issues since the update its actually frozen as we speak so i can document my interactions. I arrived on my island where i have supplies etc. as i got off my raft giant crab is there i kill it and it falls through the map. I dropped my sleeping bag and saved and as i did that the game save notification popped up but i could not move away from sleeping bag and the watch menu came up over the sleeping bags interface. To be clearer. game save screen options with watch screen options just no watch screen. stays frozen then it goes to the arm with watch , cycle screens and that is where i have been frozen for now 5 minutes.
Update: 11:42 am
I have tried to reload my game and now i am stuck on the cleaning up(loading screen)

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i play on my 4 and 5, the in between is much quicker on the five, but on the 4 i have noticed(never crashed/frozen until today) but i try not to move or do anything while its saving as it feels glitchy … dont know if that will help but just something i have noticed on both consoles

So my game crashes when I save and now it won’t allow me to load my game save just says cleaning up and never loads

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(PS4) My game froze when I saved. Was more of a serious lag, e.g. I noticed the transition lighting changed after a delay and I could hear a single footstep, but then everything was unresponsive. I gave it a good 5-10 mins before deciding to close the application and restart the game. When I went to continue my save I was stuck on the cleaning up’ loading screen.

I’ve just updated to 1.10, which says it fixes the save bug, however my save file is still hanging in the cleaning up stage.
Does this mean that the fix is not retroactive? Is my 90+ day save file corrupt now? :frowning:

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It would be really nice to be able to save in two different slots for one game. We started having an aweful frame rate and were in the middle of saving and the game completely froze. Now when we load the game we are stuck on clean up screen. The entire save must be corrupt.

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1.10 fixes the nteraction. 1.11 came out today fixes the save freeze.

I’m not sure if that’s a PC/Console difference in versions but on my PS4, v1.09 fixed the interaction bug and v1.10 says “Fixed scenario causing freeze when saving”

Sorry for my misunderstanding, I do not know the inner workings of the save system, but shutting down while the game is saving could result in errors in a save, yes. If the game has frozen while trying to save, then it may have already started writing the file, shutting the system down it would prevent the file from saving correctly, but the issue causing the freeze may have already interupted it.

Please see the known issues post for more information: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Crashing when saving

@DrandedSteep unfortunately due to the nature of the issue the fix cannot restore already affected saves, it can only prevent the issue from occuring during future gameplay.

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Now with new Update my Single Player file gets currupt. I drop the sleeping bag, Hit it, push save. Then game freeze. And not possible to load this save game again. Very sad

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