[Console] Update from the team, 2022-05-03 [Crosspost]

Hi everyone,

It’s been a little while, so I just wanted to post the latest news.

The multiplayer release has gone really well. It’s great to see how much players are enjoying it and we’re happy we could finally deliver such a requested feature. The recent content and series being produced by creators is some of the most entertaining yet – there’s something special that comes from a multiplayer dynamic.

Moving forward, version 1.0 will be released soon for PC, and we have some specific multiplayer issues to fix across all platforms. Version 1.0 represents that Stranded Deep is now feature complete. We’ve achieved our high-level goals and will be focusing on stability and quality-of-life fixes from here on. We’ll be prioritising the remaining reported issues that affect gameplay the most with increased QA resources and a dedicated team. As always, the dev and QA team appreciate the detailed reports we get from the community.

Thanks so much again to everyone who has been with us from the beginning and a part of the multiplayer launch.

Stay Alive!
Sam, Beam Team


Not seeing anything in this post related to consoles

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Agreed what about the console players out here ?

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Ps5/Xbox series?
You forgot about their existans

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They posted that on the console forums for a reason

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Hi all, to clarify when the post states “specific multiplayer issues to fix across all platforms” this includes console platforms and the “reported issues” mentioned in the post also includes issues reported by the console community.

The post probably should’ve been re-written to show a greater emphasis on console specific issues rather than just one sentence in the post.

I would also hope that when the PC 1.0 update is live it’ll allow Beam Team some time to address requested features on the console versions (PILES for instance) and not just focusing on the numerous multiplayer issues.

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Thank you for your feedback Lothaer, I shall pass it onto the team.

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So ps4 and xbox still cant do stacks like the pc and switch can. Mean we cant stack our sticks or logs. When is a fix for that to come to ps4 and xbox.

I can confirm that the Piles feature will be added to the PS4 and Xbox version in a future update, however I currently do not have a release date for the update that will contain the Piles feature at this time.

Hello! I’m a fan of the game. I would like to know if you intend to make the graphics and rag dolls of the ps4 and xbox one versions equivalent to the pc version of the game. I always wanted to know this because the graphics are quite different. your game is amazing!!

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It would be great if they released a next gen upgrade for PS5/XBSXS

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There are still many bugs issues.

If you use the binoculars you are then stuck with that screen.

You can not build in several areas creating frustration.

My partner can not see anything in any of the boxes. Or items sticking out of boxes .

Lable maker does not work so why is it still available. Inventory management is a nightmare.

And why cant we put items inside a building? Wtf


Hi Chukaka, welcome to the forums my apologies in the delay in responding to your comment,

The team are aware of the issues you mentioned in your post in part thanks to reports from the community and are working to resolve them.

I know for the binoculars issue at least, the team knows the cause of the issue for this and are working to finalize the fix for it for release in a future update.

With regards to the label maker, I am under the game dev reason behind it remaining in game in the Multiplayer version, but I will pass your feedback onto the team.

While I understand workarounds are not always ideal, a number of players have also found workarounds for the placing items in buildings issue which can be found here: [Known Issue] Difficulty placing crafting stations inside buildings

If there are any other issues you wish to report, please do not hesitate to submit a bug report in the Console Bug Reports section of the forums. I can then submit these to the team or pass on additional information based on your experiences if they are already aware of the issues.

Thank you.

Hi Vingu, welcome to the forums,

My apologies for the delay in responding to your comment. While I do not have details about graphics or rag doll upgrades for the console version, I will pass this feedback onto the team.

Hi, do we know realase date for next update? Consoles are waiting for the update over 3 months and dont wanna quit the game because of these bugs.

Hello! I only have 4 questions. 1. Will the “new big world” update be released on the console version of the game and when (approximate terms - a month, half a year, a year?) 2. Will this update reset all current progress (bases, resources, rafts, etc.). 3. Will there be an update to adapt the game to PS5 capabilities? 4. Will the console version of the game be updated with new content in the future? Thanks in advance for your replies.

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@Elounmeloun There is no confirmed release date for the console update yet, once there is it’ll likely have its own announcement.

@Shturman889 - welcome to the forums. With regards to additional information about the next update, this has not yet been released by the team. Once there is more information about what this update contains (if there are any additions, fixes, etc) it’ll be posted as its own announcement in the news and announcements section.
The team will always aim to avoid any need to restart a save wherever possible. Should something be added that requires a new save to access, the team will usually include this information in the patch notes.

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