[XB1] [Multiplayer] Saving Issues

I have an xbox one i havent had any issuses till now my husband and i play for hours on our days off were both had an online profile on his xbox one we were playing now theres nothing saved at all we even tryed to restart one on my online profile we played for 16 to 24 hours gametime now we dont have anything nothing is saved both our solo profiles are fine its just our co-op profiles arent saving it frustrating to keep starting over and over please help we love this game alot

Hi Sneakykarma, welcome to the forums,

I moved your comment to its own post in the Bug Reports section so I could address it directly. I’m sorry to hear you’ve started experiencing issues within Stranded Deep.

Please let me know:

  • What version of the game are you both playing (this number is in the bottom left of the main menu)

  • You mentioned having no issues before now. Have you been able to save multiplayer games before now? Or were you focusing on single player saves?

  • When you tried playing via your profile as host, was this via the same Xbox, or do you have a second Xbox you tried hosting on that resulted in the same issue?

  • Have you made any changes to your setup lately? Such as additional storage on the Xbox(s), Moving Stranded Deep to an external drive, settings changes on the console etc?

  • Please confirm your Xbox has enough free storage for the additional save file.

  • In each case, was it the host or player 2 who saved the game and what did they use a shelter or bedroll to save?

  • If either of you host a multiplayer game but do not allow a player 2 to join, can the game be saved?

  • Did you get a Game Saved notification in the bottom left of the screen or did any error message appear?

  • What region are you playing in when hosting a save? Does using a different region impact saving at all?

  • Is the multiplayer game hosted in the same slot as your single player game, or did you use a separate slot for it?

  • Was the game suspended at any stage during your gameplay sessions?

I completely understand how frustrating this issue can be, especially after significant progress in a gameplay session. Any extra information you can provide about your setup, what actions were taken in game before saving, if you noticed anything unusual during gameplay etc would be greatly appreciated as it may help the team to narrow down the cause of the issue.

Thank you.