[Known Issue] Difficulty placing crafting stations inside buildings

Issue Summary:
Players may experience difficulty in placing objects on foundations or floors within a built base. Often placed items are seen to be floating above the floor a significant amount. This issue has been known to affect PC players as well.

PC players reported that leaving walls off the side of your building and adding stairs on the outside allowed them to move up and down the stairs slowly and pop the stations into the correct position on the floor. After successfully placing a station they removed the stairs and added the walls.

Building a floor above with a gap so you can look down at where you want to place the resouce station has also worked for players looking to place items on floors within buildings.

@Mtragincajun79 also shared the following tip on the forums

Another player reported that when crafting an item there can be a brief moment where he outline shows up in white rather than red. They found that by pressing the craft button and moving until the white outline flashed up allowed them to place the item inside the building.

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