[Console] Patch 5 - Update and Details

Hi Everyone!

We’re excited to announce that [Patch 5] has been submitted to Sony and Microsoft for review and should be ready for release on consoles soon. This version will be listed as [2009] in the bottom left of the main menu. XB1 users, please note that although the number displayed is lower than the last version, [2009] is the most recent version for both consoles.

Below is a list of additions, changes and fixes that you can look forward to in this update along with some general performance improvements. A new save is not required for any of these to take effect.


  • Added a new Splash Screen to the start of the game.
  • Added the option for Third Person view.
  • Added Yucca cutting and farming.
  • Added Giant Crabs and Hogs.
  • Added Container Shelves, Canopies and Light Hooks for Rafts.
  • Added Hog, Crab, Giant Crab and Snake Spawners - This allows creatures to respawn on regular and custom on islands.
  • Combined Cloth and Tarp into one item.
  • Added improvements to material refunding visuals.
  • Added notifications for new Skills.
  • Added improvements to distant renders, water light refraction, light and shadows, particle and sound effects.
  • Added Volumetric Clouds.
  • Added HDR TV Support - HDR on the console must be configured to see this effect and HDR brightness can be controlled in the options menu.

Bug Fixes and Adjustments:

  • Fixed an issue with Deleted Islands reappearing on restart.
  • Fixed Shore Elements shifting position on reload.
  • Fixed a stutter between islands causing loss of Raft and Gyro.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Inventory from auto-stacking correctly.
  • Fixed Underwater light refraction causing visual disruptions during gameplay.
  • Fixed Logs dropping vertically under character that caused the character to be displaced character upwards.
  • Fixed an issue that caused difficulty interacting with Rafts.
  • Fixed Raft sail being in incorrect position on game load
  • Fixed Life Raft Paddle remaining in mid air upon moving the Life Raft.
  • Fixed an issue with Lionfish causing poison effect after safe capture.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Player being unable to place crafted building sections.
  • Fixed Interact button prompt not being present or disappearing when performing actions.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Interaction Prompt not being displayed upon approaching a sunken boat’s ladder.
  • Multiple tools can now be added to the tool belt.
  • Adjusted raft steering.
  • Adjusted shark aggression/speed.

Thank you all for your continued support of Stranded Deep as our team works on issues reported to us by the community. If there is anything you wish to report, please share as much information as possible in the [Console Bug Reports] section of the forums.

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


Thank you so much for the raft storage/ canopies!!

Next I’d really love to see some improvements on the next gen consoles. FPS/ graphically increases at the least would be nice



So excited to hear this! If we wind up getting multiplayer this game will be as perfect as it can get, for me at least. You guys are doing great!

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Fantastic news this is the best update yet can’t wait for this to go live any timescale on when yet?

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Thank you for this! Cant wait to see the game expant more! Would be great to have bigger islands with caves, rivers and waterfalls, maybe some river based water cteature? ;).

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No definite timescale unfortunately, but we’ll release another update when we know it’ll be going live so players will know when to check for updates on their console :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to seeing all the new raft builds in the community when it’s released!


I would of been happy with just the fixes but adding things is just the yucca on top of the crab cake. Thanks for all the hard work and sticking with it everyone involved including Claire and all the forum mods. Can’t wait till ps4 and xbox approve the updates.

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This is awesome news!!

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Yaaaaas. Thank you so much. Shout out to FARKET!:innocent::innocent::innocent:

Looking forward to this, great work :heart:

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This is awesome, thank you for hearing us :slight_smile:

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Finally the game almost be like pc version thanks for listening to our feedback

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Thnx for the update, i realy want next a creative option


Is the ability to destroy rafts fixed yet? I can’t destroy my raft base even after everything else is removed.

How do you plant Yucca? I’ve collected leaves from many trees, but have yet to see a Yucca fruit & I am unable to plant the leaves.

What type of light can you put on the light hook? I can’t put a lantern or torch on it. Is there another light source I’m unaware of?

I am not receiving Any resources when I deconstruct the light hook or container shelf.

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Hello, the update has reached PS4 and is looking good so far. Can I check, the option to turn snakes and sharks off has disappeared? If you remove animals from the game, does this remove snakes and sharks?

Some that play the game enjoy putting sharks and snakes off due to phobias etc. Can you confirm please?

There should be a seed either on the ground or in your inventory from the yukka plant. The light post uses a lantern, it maybe bugged right now, since it’s new for us.

Deconstructing could be bugged as well

Thank you for your helping out your fellow players @Mtragincajun79

As a reminder to everyone, if you are finding an issue in the game, please submit a bug report in the Bug Reports section. Things can get lost of confusing in a comment sections and we’d be able to directly respond to bug reports and maybe offer some workarounds as well as gather info that could help the team.

For the light hook - I’ve seen some reports that this may be an issue for some and I have informed the team.

Yucca: There should be a fruit either still stuck to the tree or on the ground. If you cannot find it, please let us know in a bug report. @SkyStar

For raft bases - this is an issue for some players, this has not yet been patched, we have a known issue report here: [Known Issue] Deconstruction of raft bases @Kelso

Wild Life Option: This option was adjusted, turning off wildlife affects Snake, Sharks, Giant Crab and Hog all together @SDT

I think I got all the questions… let me know if I missed any! :slight_smile:

Amazing, thank you Clare.

Apart from the cliffs now looking like they were made out of play-doh the update is looking good.

The fix on the girocopter shaking when landing and the lag on your home island loading is a marked improvement and is looking really good.

Are we likely to get an update on a bigger map, more than the 5x5 grid that we currently have?

Great update though and pleased that snakes and sharks can be turned off too!