[Console] Hotfix version 2079

Hi Everyone,

There is a hotfix that is starting to roll out yesterday which will tackle an issue that causes players’ games to become stuck in the “Cleaning Up” phase when loading. As with previous hotfixes, as soon as they’re approved they’ll be published so they may appear for different regions and consoles at different times. Once it is installed the version number in the main menu will display “2079”

This hotfix is only one of the triggers for this issue and the team are continuing to investigate others reported by the community. Unfortunately due to the nature of the bug, previously affected saves are not restored with this fix, but it is designed to prevent this trigger from causing the issue again. This fix should cover both items lost accidentally through the ground and items lost / intentionally dropped at sea and stop them from triggering this issue.

Thank you to everyone who has reported their experience of this issue so far, this has greatly helped the team in tracking down this trigger quickly and is continuing to help with other triggers. As always, thank you also for your understanding and support while the team is working on this.

Please continue to report any issues you experience to our forums.

For more information and updates on this issue, please see the post on our forums here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Stuck in "Cleaning Up" phase on load

-Beam Team


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