2083, Multiplayer, P2 cannot see inside containers

We got coop problems with the client not seeing anything inside of the containers

Hi Dannyboy-000,

I moved your post to it’s own bug report as it was in an older update thread and I also wanted to address it directly. I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue within Stranded Deep.

Please let me know:

  • I noted above in the title that this was for version 2083. Am I right in assuming that you are reporting this issue occuring after the update? Or was it occurring beforehand?

  • What console are you playing on? Are both the host and P2 playing the same type of console?

  • Does this occur from the start of gameplay or does it happen over time?

  • If you reload the game can P2 then see the contents of the container?

  • Are the containers on the ground or on shelves?

  • Are the items in the containers placed there by the host? P2 or both?

  • If P2 fills a container are they able to access it and see their items? Can the host see the contents they have placed in the container?

Any extra information you can provide about your experience would be greatly appreciated and it can help the team to investigate this further.