White shark texture bug

salut !

j’ai remarqué que lorsque le requin blanc meurt, il devient tout blanc.

est ce un bug connu ?


Hi !

I have noticed that when the white shark dies it turns all white.

is this a known bug?

Hi Aupe,

I have added a translation and edited your title of your post. Please see my comment in your first post for an explanation as to why this was done - Cartographer Size

Thank you for reporting this issue. A similar report I heard was that a Goblin Shark was showing not texture and appears to be black. Would it be possible to see an image of the white shark in question? I can then pass it onto the team and they can investigate if it is the same issue or a different one that needs to be addressed.

Please also let me know:

  • Is this occurring on a new save or a save that was older and then updated to version 2009?
  • How are you killing the shark?
  • Have you noticed this happening with any other sharks either of the same type or different types?

Any extra information you can give us is greatly appreciated as it can help us to investigate further.

[Update] In chatting with the team, they had discovered this issue when addressing the Goblin Shark turning black and are working on it too.

Thank you for reporting this issue though, and it helps us to keep track of how many players are experiencing these issues.

oui, il se fait toujours avec le grand requin blanc et à chaque fois. voulez vous toujours que j’essaie de faire une photo ?

et sinon je le tue avec des lances améliorées et des harpons

yes it is always done with the great white shark and every time. do you still want me to try to take a photo?

and if not i kill him with improved spears and harpoons

I added a translation, please remember to include one from Google Translate or similar if not posting in English.

Thank you for those extra details, no need for a photo as the team had found the issue too while investigating other textures and are working on a fix for it. :slight_smile: